March 30, 2024

The Clash at Copenhagen: Calls to Boycott the CSGOEmpire Cup

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The Clash at Copenhagen: Calls to Boycott the CSGOEmpire Cup
  • A disruptive incident at the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major playoffs has sparked outrage within the Counter-Strike community.
  • Following a stage invasion by individuals linked to CSGOEmpire, there's a growing call for teams to boycott the upcoming CSGOEmpire Cup.
  • Several teams, including Nexus and MOUZ NXT, have already withdrawn from the event, citing the "shocking and disturbing" nature of the incident.

In a startling episode that unfolded during the quarterfinal match of the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major playoffs, the Counter-Strike community was left in shock. The game, which saw G2 Esports face off against MOUZ, was abruptly disrupted when individuals associated with the skin-betting site CSGOEmpire stormed the stage in a misguided attempt to draw attention. This act not only halted the game but also set off a series of events that have led to a significant backlash against CSGOEmpire and calls for a boycott of their forthcoming event, the CSGOEmpire Cup, scheduled to kick off on April 3.

The incident has ignited a firestorm within the Counter-Strike community. Players, fans, and industry figures took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to voice their dismay and urge teams and players slated to participate in the CSGOEmpire Cup to reconsider their involvement. In a decisive move, the Eastern European organization Nexus announced its withdrawal from the tournament, citing the "shocking and disturbing nature of recent events" as the reason. MOUZ NXT coach Tobias "TOBIZ" Theo and SINNERS CEO Moritz Straube also made it clear that their teams would not be participating, with Straube explicitly condemning the event organizers.

The fallout has extended to numerous other teams invited to the event, including heavyweights such as Team Secret, BLEED, GamerLegion, and academy rosters from, Astralis, and ENCE. The controversy surrounding the incident, compounded by the CSGOEmpire owner's actions during a subsequent livestreamā€”where he purportedly offered "thousands" to viewers willing to disrupt the stage furtherā€”has cast a shadow over the tournament's future.

In response to the chaos, PGL has announced its intention to press charges against those responsible for the disruption, potentially placing the CSGOEmpire owners in legal jeopardy. Moreover, this incident could attract scrutiny from Valve, the developer behind Counter-Strike, and have lasting repercussions for CSGOEmpire and the broader Counter-Strike esports scene.

The community's reaction underscores a broader conversation about the impact of sponsorships and the responsibility of event organizers to ensure the integrity and safety of esports events. As the situation unfolds, the Counter-Strike community remains united in its call for accountability and a reevaluation of the relationships between esports entities and their sponsors.

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