Most Popular eSports Bookies in Denmark

The esports movement has attracted a huge following in recent years, matching traditional sporting events in some metrics. Interestingly, Denmark has been at the forefront of this movement. For starters, Denmark goes down in history as the first country to adopt a national strategy to develop esports play in the country.

Undoubtedly, the esports industry is anchored on a solid foundation. As a result, esports continue to seep into the very fabric of Danish society. With online casinos already welcomed in Denmark, gambling enjoys a massive appeal. Online gambling boomed in 2012, and the industry's growth has been exponential ever since. With dozens of Danish stars in the world's top eSports leagues, this country is also home to a booming esports betting industry.

Most Popular eSports Bookies in Denmark

As the number of esports bettors in the country increases, more betting sites have pitched their tents in the country. This is undoubtedly good news for esports punters, but it also means that they will be required to do some digging to locate the best online betting sites to bet on esports.

There has been no better time for bettors. This page lists Denmark's best esports betting sites covering top gaming leagues where punters can bet on esports events.

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History of esports betting in Denmark

History of esports betting in Denmark

Historically, gambling, sports betting in particular, was prohibited in 1753 following a decree by Fredric the Fifth that banned all forms of gambling in Denmark. Fast forward, gambling first emerged in Denmark at the onset of the 19th century. With increased interest from the Danes to gamble, multiple land-based casinos were established in Copenhagen and other cities. The Casino Marienlysti in Helsingor, opened in 1902, features prominently in Danish gambling history as the first online casino in the country.

Outlawing the ancient royal degree in 1948 and replacing it with gambling legislation in 1948 was a major turning point in Danish gambling history. This new law served to pave the way for football betting. Also, the Danske Spil controlled gambling activities in the country. This body had exclusive rights to provide gambling services in Denmark.

Over the years, the government was content with Danske Spil's monopoly, largely because it benefitted from gambling proceeds that were used for charitable courses and sports development.

History of esports betting in Denmark
Modern history

Modern history

The major change in the current Danish history is undoubtedly the enactment of the Gambling Act and the formation of the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), also known as Spillemyndigheden, in 2010. This move opened up the gambling landscape, offering offshore casino operators a chance to enter the Danish gambling market. This move was informed by the need to curb 'illegal' gambling and boost gambling revenue.

2012 saw the Danish gambling landscape welcome several foreign operators, forcing Danske Spil into a competition. The first year alone saw more than 20 offshore casinos obtain a Danish license. The 2010 gambling act was further amended in 2018, further opening the Danish gambling space.

Esports nowadays in Denmark

Recent numbers accrued by top esports events in Denmark are undoubtedly impressive. The esports betting industry is fast catching up with other gambling forms regarding playing numbers and revenues generated by the industry.

Renowned bookmakers widely cover Esports events. Sports betting platforms that offer esports fall into two main classes: traditional and esports-only betting sites. Ideally, traditional sites cover both traditional sports and esports markets. On the other hand, eSports-only sites confine themselves to only esports.

It is worth noting that esports betting sites in the country are relatively small. The fact that they touch on a limited aspect of the betting marketplace tends to limit them in many regards, especially in terms of offering a wholesome gaming experience.

As much as this might sound counter-intuitive, it is safe to say that most Danish esports punters prefer betting at traditional online betting sites. Moreover, licensed offshore gambling sites that serve Danish punters should have a .dk domain besides their normal sites.

Modern history
Future of esports betting in Denmark

Future of esports betting in Denmark

The Danish esports gaming industry has been soaring to new heights in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These developments affirm that Danes now consider esports gambling as part of ordinary entertainment as corporates turn to esports gaming as a promotional strategy.

While some people might believe that online esports betting is still in its infancy, it shows massive potential. With new games with superior features key among them artificial intelligence, the upward trend seen in the last couple of years is expected to increase.

Notably, Denmark is not a country with 'strict' gambling regulations. Still, high taxes might be a stumbling block, following the government's decision to raise internet gaming turnover taxes from 20% to 28%. While this move might not directly affect offshore operators, it could cap market development in many ways.

Future of esports betting in Denmark
The Gambling Act’s Jurisdictional Overview

The Gambling Act’s Jurisdictional Overview

The Gambling Act regulates both land-based and online gaming activities in the country. As far as online gaming goes, this act employs the following classification, each subject to specific licensing requirements.

  • Betting – covers different forms of sports betting and horse racing
  • Online casinos – All RNG and live casino games are permitted in the country
  • Lotteries – Kept under Danske Spil's Monopoly
  • Social arrangements – Social games, or arrangements where no stake or payment is required, are permitted and not subject to any license.

It is worth noting that all games provided in online play are also permitted in land-based casinos. However, when it comes to gaming machines, they are subject to some technical requirements and a license.

Legislative Framework

While the Gambling Act is the primary legislation, it is supported by executive orders and acts. Here are some notable mentions:

  • Executive Order No 66 on the provision of online betting
  • Executive Order No 1276 on online betting;
  • Executive Order No 1301 on nob-profit lotteries
  • Executive Order No 1302 on gaming machines in social places
  • Executive Order No 1403 on economic and international crimes

Licenses for online gambling are offered following satisfactory compliance with the relevant application requirements and payment of the required fees.

The Gambling Act’s Jurisdictional Overview
Esports legislation in Denmark

Esports legislation in Denmark

The Gambling Act of 2010 regulates all gambling activities, including esports. While the laws governing online gaming are similar, this also applies to esport-specific games. As far as betting goes, online casinos have to obtain a license from the Danish Gambling Authority. For starters, a license is only issued to eSports betting sites if it meets the following criteria

  • There is a stake involved (the skin employed in skin betting is assigned a monetary value)
  • There is an element of chance
  • There is a likelihood of winning a prize

The Danish Gaming act stipulates that gambling activity has to be operated or arranged in Denmark. In addition, the game should be directed towards Danish eSports punters, either by direct market, use of local payment methods, or the availability in the Danish language.

Overall, online esports betting sites offering their services in Denmark, particularly skin betting, must apply for a license.

Esports legislation in Denmark
Danish players' favorite games

Danish players' favorite games

As the esports industry continues to thrive in Denmark, online esports betting uptake has increased. Most online betting sites in the country have added esports to their list of offerings. Danish punters who keen to try their luck enjoy numerous options. However, here are some of the most popular esport game titles in Denmark.

Dota 2

Over the years, some Danish esports players have been successful at the biggest stage of Dota 2. Johan' N0tail' Sundstein goes down in history as one of the all-time leaders with career earnings totaling $3.7 million during his glorified career.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Commonly referred to as CS:GO in eSports gaming circles, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is undoubtedly a player favorite in Denmark. CS: GO's popularity in online gaming circles can be attributed to Astralis performances at global events, key among them being the 2018 performance that saw them win four titles and several top-four finishes.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a game dominated by Korean and Chinese players is now a staple in Denmark. Over the years, Danish players have featured at top European competitions. This has seen the sport's popularity cascade further to online gambling circles.

Esports betting is relatively new in the Danish gambling industry, but every turn of the year comes with new developments. Besides these three games, esports players in the country should also watch other new titles and betting markets.

Danish players' favorite games
Payment methods in Denmark

Payment methods in Denmark

Sportsbooks offering esports betting are required to abide by the Payment Services and Electronic Money Act. This means that they should work with payment services processors covered by this act. The best esports bookies accepting the Danish Kroner offer a variety of payment methods such as:

  • Credit and debit cards: Almost every eSports bookmaker in the country accepts MasterCard and Visa products. Danish players can also use Dankort, which is the national credit card.
  • E-wallets: Esports betting sites offer a long list of e-wallet payment methods, key among them being Neteller, Skrill, EcoCard, Nordea, and Paypal, among others.
  • Bank wire transfers: Danish players find wire transfers highly appealing. Most eSports bookmakers accept wire transfer payments which are, in most cases, immediate.
  • eChecks: This online payment method is predominately employed by players in Europe. Many online eSports betting sites in Denmark accept eCheck payments, which are essentially the digital equivalent of traditional checks.
  • SEPA: Many Danish casinos offer SEPA, Single Euro Payment Area. The good thing about SEPA is that it allows players to transfer funds across Europe without attracting additional fees.
  • Cryptocurrencies: In recent years, the uptake of crypto payments in eSports betting sites has been positive. Players can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin, among other cryptocurrencies in most Danish sportsbooks.
Payment methods in Denmark


Is it Legal to Bet on esports from Denmark

Yes. Danish punters are free to bet in eSports without worrying. However, Danish punters are advised to play at casinos licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) or Spillemyndigheden. The best part is that most of the leading esports bookmakers are licensed, which allows them to be a part of the Danish eSports betting market.

What Currencies are Available on Danish Betting Companies?

As expected, the Danish Krone (DKK), the official currency, is adopted by most casinos offering their services to Danish punters. Best of all, most offshore operators targeting the Danish market also support the DKK.

Are Winning Taxed?

No. Danish players are not required to pay any taxes for gambling winnings. Instead, bookmakers and casinos must remit 28% tax on their gross gambling revenue to the gross gambling revenue.

Do Danish esports Betting Sites offer Bonuses?

Yes, most eSports betting sites offer casino bonuses and a long list of incentives to their players. The most common bonus offered by eSports sites is the deposit bonus, usually awarded when a player makes their first deposit.

Is Skin Betting Legal in Denmark?

Yes. Skin betting is allowed in Denmark. However, only eSports betting sites should apply Danish Gaming Authority to provide skin betting. Casinos offering skin betting with a license risk being blocked.