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In this BLAST Premier betting guide, find out everything eSports punters need to know about betting on BLAST Premier tournaments, from the event's background to the available betting markets, where to bet on the competition, betting markets and odds, BLAST Premier betting tips and more.

BLAST Premier is one of the most prestigious eSports leagues for Valve's blockbuster, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Started in 2020, BLAST Premier is based in Europe and North America and is divided into two seasons; Spring and Fall. A BLAST Premier season runs for around four months. 12 Teams go head-on in the group stages before the battle goes into the season finals where teams from the group stage go for it all – the BLAST Premier Championship.

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Everything you need to know about the BLAST Premier

BLAST Premier is organized by BLAST ApS, a Danish eSports media production company, and is held in different cities. One constant thing is the fact that there is a live audience with big screens that immerse fans the same way CS: GO pro players get immersed. BLAST Premier events attract huge prize pools, with the Global Final 2020 and World Final 2021 attracting a whopping $1 million prize pool.

About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

As mentioned earlier, BLAST Premier is a CS: GO tournament. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularized as CS: GO, is a first-person shooter video game developed by Valve in conjunction with Hidden Path Entertainment. This fourth installment in the Counter-Strike series is available on Windows, macOS, PS3, Xbox 360, and Linux.

CS: GO, just like its predecessors, pits two sides in an objective-based battle. Teams compete in different game modes that involve planting and defusing bombs. One side plays as terrorists, while the other side plays as the good guys who defuse bombs and rescue hostages.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular eSports in the eGaming betting world. The eSports scene boasts many BLAST Premier tournaments, including Spring and Fall groups, showdowns, and finals. BLAST Premier League enjoys media coverage and has Twitch and YouTube as its TV partners.

BLAST Premier is a prestigious tournament that partners with top brands, including Betway, Coinbase, and shipping conglomerate MAERSK. One thing that makes this first-person shooter a success is the fact that it is now fully free-to-play. There are nine game modes, including the recently released battle-royale mode dubbed Danger Zone.

BLAST Premier Esports Betting Odds

Before getting into the action, it is essential to understand the different BLAST Premier betting markets and the CS:go betting odds. The markets, also known as betting options, are the different outcomes available, while the odds represent the probability of the bet coming through.

BLAST Premier Betting Markets

One of the main betting markets for BLAST Premier championships is the tournament winner. Here, players wager on the team they think will win the tournament. The other betting markets are the standard CS: GO betting markets.

The first market is matchwinner, and here, punters wager on the outcome of a match. Another related bet is map winner, where players bet on the team that will win a particular map. Other popular BLAST Premier betting markets include rounds over/under, kills scored over/under, correct score, handicaps, etc.

BLAST Premier Betting Odds

Just like in traditional sports betting, there are three odds formats that CS: GO betting sites support. Some have one of these formats, while others have them all. The three odds formats are decimal (European) odds, fractional (British) odds, and Moneyline (American) odds. Besides the odds format, players must find online eGaming betting sites with the highest odds as high odds equal higher profits.

BLAST Premier Winning Teams and Biggest Moments

Being one of the top CS: GO tournaments, the BLAST Premier series attracts some of the biggest teams in eSports. Fans have also been treated to scintillating action in the immersive theaters that host the BLAST Premier leagues.

In this segment, check out the most successful teams, the best teams to bet on right now, and some of the most memorable moments in the best BLAST Premier tournaments.

Most Successful Teams

Ukrainian outfit Natus Vincere is arguably the best team in the history of the BLAST Premier series. No other team has as high championships as Natus Vincere. Other worthy teams in the major BLAST Premier tournaments include FaZe Clan, Team Vitality, Team Liquid, Complexity Gaming, OG, and G2.

Best Teams to Bet On

The above are the most successful teams in BLAST Premier, but they may not necessarily be the best teams to bet on. eSports organizations raid other teams to build solid rosters, so it's crucial to find out who the best players are and where they are currently plying their trade.

As of 2022, Natus Vincere is the most promising CS: GO team courtesy of the top talent that includes heavyweights such as Oleksandr "S1mple" Kostyliev. Another top team to bet on is FaZe Clan, which has some of the best CS: GO players today. Other CS: GO teams to bet on include ENCE, Cloud9, FURIA, and Vitality.

Memorable Moments

One of the most memorable events in the history of the BLAST Premier League is the inaugural event, Spring 2020: Regular Season, hosted in 3 Mills Studio, London. Fans were treated to breathtaking action, and after gruesome battles, the champions were FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, and Team Liquid.

Another top event worth remembering is the Spring Finals 2022. Natus Vincere once again proved to the world that it's a formidable side overcoming the likes of FaZe Clan, Team Vitality, G2 Esports, and OG to walk away with the $200,000 prize.

The World Final 2021, one of the biggest BLAST Premier tournaments held in Copenhagen, is also memorable. Every team came hoping to walk away with the top prize, but Natus Vincere's Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev had other plans. The CS: GO maestro was instrumental in helping Natus Vincere dismiss Gambit Esports in a heated final.

Where and How to Bet on BLAST Premier?

BLAST Premier being one of the top CS: GO leagues features on the betting scene. The fact that there are competitions almost all year long makes it one of the best CS: GO competitions to bet on. However, there are two major concerns regarding wagering on BLAST Premier; finding the best BLAST Premier bookmaker and placing the right bet.

How to Find the Best Betting Site

There are many online eSport wagering sites with CS: GO betting markets. Some are run by genuine operators, while others are not worth the trouble. The best CS: GO videogame betting website should be licensed by a renowned gambling regulatory authority. It should also have vast CS: GO markets and high odds.

Esports bonuses and promotions are also worthy extras. Other features to be on the lookout for include mobile compatibility, user experience, customer support, and security.

Betting Tips

To make the right bets, it's important to understand how CS: GO is played and the objectives. Also, research the different teams, their past performances, and current rosters to know which teams are favorites and which ones are not. Importantly, trust the odds. Remember, high odds pay well but are risky, and vice versa.

That's it folks, the ultimate BLAST Premier series betting guide. The 2022 schedule is already out, so players can bet on their favorite teams.

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