Most Popular eSports Bookies in Germany

Sporting activities create tense and fun atmospheres. It is always fun to watch people cheer their team to give their all. Betting is one of the most exciting activities that bring an extra thrill during competitions. Betting is popular in Germany due to the country's rich culture in games. There are very many betting shops in the country where people can place their bets.

Due to improvement in technology, the number of punters using such shops has gone down. The majority of the punters in the country now use online betting sites, which are very easy to access.

Most Popular eSports Bookies in Germany

The entrance of esports into the betting industry has caused a whole new craze on the German betting scene. Games like FIFA, PES, Call of Duty, PuBG, Dota 2, and League of Legends are becoming popular fixtures on sportsbooks operating in Germany.

Punters in Germany are encouraged to use online bookies regulated to operate in the country. This is to ensure they are protected in case of incidences like flouted payments on winnings. Online esports betting allows punters to do research online before placing any bets.

This gives punters a chance to place more confident bets. Esports betting in Germany does not have harsh rules concerning online gambling, given the country is a member of the European Union.

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History of esports in Germany

History of esports in Germany

The history of gambling in Germany

The Romans contributed mainly to the spread of gambling across the European continent, including Germany. The first gambling incidents in Germany were recorded when the Romans took over the German territories. Ancient Roman soldiers loved gambling. They moved their gambling habits to every place they visited. Though Germany learned gambling from the Romans, it managed to have one of the earliest casinos to ever exist in the world.

Did you know that two of the oldest casinos in the globe are based in Germany? Wiesbaden, the oldest casino in Germany, was built in 1810. The casino is among the oldest gambling establishments recorded in history. It dates back to Ancient Rome. Germany closed all its casinos in 1872. They were later opened in 1933 in an attempt to create unity in the country.

The German government was unable to regulate gambling during World War 2. After the war, Germany got a new constitution that allowed casinos to open again. Casino Wiesbaden is now a great tourist destination for both gamblers and non-gamblers.

The building has impeccable and timeless architectural elements which amaze tourists. Wiesbaden casino has about 200 slot machines. Table game lovers can play blackjack, roulette, or baccarat at the casino.

Esports betting nowadays in Germany

Many people in Germany use gambling as a leisure practice. The country's rich culture highly influences this in sports. People enjoy the thrill gained when their predictions come to pass.

The German government acknowledges gambling as a lucrative industry. Esports betting has taken root in the country over the last decade. This was especially pronounced after the first coronavirus lockdowns when all physical sports took a forced break.

The European Union intervened when Germany tried monopolizing the gambling industry. They made sure individuals and private companies were allowed to open gambling establishments in Germany. Although the majority of the gambling establishments are owned by the government, there are a few owned by individuals and private companies.

With online sports gambling being a new technology, it has gained immense popularity in Germany. This is due to how easy it is to place bets. Punters can place bets from any place as long as there is an internet connection.

Millions of people place bets on the best esports betting sites in Germany. These sites offer great bonuses which allow punters to enjoy gambling more. They also offer great payment methods and many online esports betting options to keep their users entertained.

Some of Germany's best esports betting sites are BETONLINE, GG BET, Arcane Bet, Bwin, Sporting Bet, Nitrogen, Betway, Betsson, Tonybet Tipbet, LSBET, William Hill, and Royal Panda.

History of esports in Germany
The future of esports betting in Germany

The future of esports betting in Germany

The rich sports culture in Germany has a great influence on the future of eSports betting in Germany. Online sports betting is the new trend that every punter in Germany and every country is striving to use.

More and more esports tournaments are emerging in Germany. The country already has great esports teams like Fnatic, Mousesports, Team Expert, Alternate aTTAx, and SK Gaming.

Fans of these teams love betting on them, and they are always featured on the best esports betting sites Germany has licensed. These teams will keep growing and contribute heavily to the expansion of esports betting in the country over the next decade.

The new German State Treaty on Gambling came into force on July 1, 2021. The recently established law was established to help open up the German market. Online gambling, such as online casinos, online poker, and virtual slot machines, are now legal in Germany. Esports will develop further with the new laws that are clearer and more relaxed.

Online gambling providers require a state permit to have a legit gambling business. Gambling operations are now subject to complex legal restrictions and state supervision. All operations and permitting processes need alignment between technology and legal requirements.

Even though the new law is in place, it is still not fully in action. The new law has opened up the gambling market in Germany and made the future even brighter. Once these laws come into force, esports betting will take an upturn as more players and providers enter the market.

The future of esports betting in Germany
Esports legislation in Germany

Esports legislation in Germany

Esports betting Germany sites fall under the laws that regulate online sports betting. Germany has interstate treaties which help regulate online esports betting. These interstate treaties are implemented by every state in the country. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2021 came into force on July 1st, 2021.

The treaty allows operators to offer virtual games through licensing. It has given federal states an option to either issue a limited number of licenses or have a state of monopoly. The Regional Council is responsible for providing sports betting licenses and supervision.

The Council is also responsible for giving licenses and supervising online horse race betting. These companies can be privately owned. These legislative authorities do not apply to betting companies that operate in multiple states. Rhineland-Palatinate license and supervise nationwide betting companies.

Betting acts in Germany

The Interstate Treaty provides for a monopoly state and sets gambling regulations on operating esports betting companies in Germany. Specific state legislations are tasked to implement the Interstate Treaty. Here are some of the Acts in place to regulate gambling in Germany.

  • The casino Acts distinguish between slot machine gaming and table games. A large percentage of German courts refer to poker as a chance game rather than a skill game. As a result, offline porker is only legal in state-owned casinos.

  • The Interstate Treaty provides a licensing system for all virtual slot games. After the new treaty began on 1st July 2021, it remains to be seen whether private operators will receive licenses for online casino games or will the states go for a state monopoly. The Interstate Treaty considers only sports betting as the only licensable form of betting. Bets on non-sporting events are not allowed.

  • The Regional Council body is responsible for giving sports betting licenses. Slot machine gaming is regulated by federal law. The requirements applicable to Amusement Machines with Prices are set by the Gaming Ordinance and the Trade Regulation Act.

Esports legislation in Germany
Germany olayers' favorite eSports games

Germany olayers' favorite eSports games

Sports betting is very popular in Germany. It would be strange if that were not the case considering the country's rich culture in sports. Esports have come to an audience that is only too willing to embrace them. Sportsbooks incorporate esports markets based on how popular they are becoming among punters. Some of the punters' favorites include:


By statistics, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most-watched esport in Germany. It takes up almost 60% of the country's e-sports fans. Unsurprisingly, it is also the game that most people bet on.


The German's love for soccer has led to a similar love for this soccer-themed e-sport. The involvement of the country's top league, the Bundesliga, has also played a massive role in this virtual model. Bettors on soccer platforms are quickly warming up to FIFA betting. Other largely popular games are Dota2 and League of Legends.

Germany olayers' favorite eSports games
Payment methods in Germany

Payment methods in Germany

Punters like online esports betting websites with great payment methods to help get their winnings quickly. Reliable payment methods also help punters conduct quick deposits and place bets.

Speed, reliability, and security are the most important aspects to check when choosing a payment method. Here are some of the most popular payment methods to use in Germany.

Debit or Credit Cards

This is mainly done through MasterCard and Visa. Most sportsbooks allow punters to perform instant deposits via a debit or credit card. The best esports betting sites in Germany should allow punters to use their Visa and MasterCard branded cards to perform deposits and withdrawals.


The majority of the punters in Germany prefer this option as it helps them to deposit and withdraw cash from their betting accounts within a short period. Online esports betting companies in Germany accept payments through Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill.

Bank Transfers

This is a safe method that can be used to perform transactions in online casinos in Germany. Unlike in many other countries, it is still a popular method in Germany because of the efficiency of their banks.


This is one of the most convenient payment methods. The method allows punters to make instant withdrawals and deposits. Cryptocurrency companies like Bitcoin ensure safe transactions, and punters and sportsbooks are continuously embracing them.

Payment methods in Germany
FAQ about betting in Germany

FAQ about betting in Germany

Is esports betting legal in Germany?

Yes, esports betting falls under online sports betting regulations. There are national regulations and interstate regulations that complement each other.

What are the best eSports betting sites in Germany

The leading sportsbooks in Germany have embraced esports betting. They include Betway, Bwin, and William Hill.

What methods of payments are offered in Germany?

E-wallets are the most commonly used method of payment. Cards are also popular. Germany is one of few countries with the most efficient bank payments in esports betting.

What is the minimum gambling age in Germany?

Punters need to have attained the minimum age of 18 years.

Which are the most popular esports betting titles in Germany?

CS: Go is the most popular game among sports bettors in Germany. Others include FIFA, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

What is the future of online esports betting in Germany?

The number of punters and operators is likely to increase with the new laws in place. The government will continue keeping an eye on e-sports betting as it is still a new phenomenon. New regulations should be expected along the way.

FAQ about betting in Germany