Most Popular eSports Bookies in Bangladesh

Ideally, the Islamic religion considers gambling a sin, including gambling for recreational purposes, and strongly prohibits it. As a result, there are no legal eSports betting sites based in Bangladesh. Gamblers form a relatively low proportion of the local population. However, the high population means that the small percentage of punters represents a relatively high number of people.

Bangladeshi punters who bet on eGaming usually wager at offshore betting sites to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. Numerous eSports betting sites allow Bangladeshis. Some even target the punters by supporting the Bengali language and focusing their marketing efforts on potential bettors in Bangladeshi. The popularity of eSports betting is growing quite rapidly due to that.

Most Popular eSports Bookies in Bangladesh
Bangladeshi Players' Favorite E-Sports Games to bet on

Bangladeshi Players' Favorite E-Sports Games to bet on

League of Legends

League of Legends is arguably one of the most popular video games featured by the best esports bookmakers offering their services to Bangladeshi punters. It is a multiplayer online game developed by Riot Games, featuring a battle arena.

The gameplay involves controlling a character on the battlefield to achieve specified objectives, which vary for different modes. The main game mode is Summoner's Rift, commonly used in professional tournaments. The most popular tournaments for League of Legends are the World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, and League of Legends European Championship.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another online multiplayer video game involving a battle arena, published by Valve. The gameplay involves two teams, each with five players, defending their territories and trying to invade the opponent's territory. Each player controls a character independently, with each character having unique designs, abilities, styles of play, and weaknesses.

The characters in Dota 2 are categorized into two main roles, the core and the support. Cores are those that start each match weak and vulnerable but gradually become more powerful as the game continues. Supports cannot deal heavy damage to opponents but have functional and utility abilities needed to assist cores.

The game has hundreds of professional teams playing professional tournaments and leagues globally. Such tournaments and leagues include The International, Major Championships, and ESL One.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

CS: GO is a first-person online shooter game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. The game was first released in 2012 for most operating systems and in 2014 for the Linux operating system.

The gameplay involves two teams, the terrorists and counter-terrorists, which play against each other to fulfill specified objectives per the game mode. For example, the gameplay for the most popular mode requires the terrorists to plant a bomb and the counter-terrorists team to attempt to stop them. The game has nine official game modes.

Some of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's biggest leagues and tournaments include the PGL Major, ELEAGUE Major, ESL One, and Intel Extreme Masters.


Valorant is a relatively new eSports game, released fully in 2020. The first-person hero shooter game was developed by Riot Games, inspired mainly by one of the Counter-Strike series called tactical shooters. The game has a futuristic setting where players assume the roles of characters known as agents.

Each match involves two teams, the attackers and defenders, with each team having specified objectives. The game also features several different weapons, some of which can be purchased using in-game currency.

The main game modes are Unrated, Spike Rush, Escalation, Deathmatch, Replication, and Snowball Fight. Some top Valorant leagues and tournaments include Valorant Championship, VCT League, Summer Championship, and Valorant Conquerors Championship.

Bangladeshi Players' Favorite E-Sports Games to bet on
The Best E-Sports Tournaments and Teams Bangladeshis Bet On

The Best E-Sports Tournaments and Teams Bangladeshis Bet On

Betting on electronic sports remains prohibited in Bangladesh, but that does not stop the citizens from being fans. There are even several professional video game teams and players from the country, which usually compete in most international tournaments and events.

Most Bangladeshi bettors typically bet on their home teams as a way of supporting their home teams and because they are familiar enough with the teams and players to make informed betting decisions. The top Bangladeshi teams include A1 eSports, Exceeli eSports, Hiraeth, and The Council. Some of the popular electronic sports tournaments on which they bet are highlighted below.

The International

The International is a championship tournament featuring the popular electronic game, Dota 2. The tournament has been taking place annually since 2011, except for 2020, when Covid-19-related issues resulted in the cancellation. The tournament usually involves 20 pro teams and some of the largest prize pools of all electronic sports tournaments.

PGL Major

PGL Major is another tournament that has grown in popularity over the last sixteen years. It has been taking place annually to become one of the most popular tournaments among punters. The tournament features the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, a favorite among Bangladeshi players and punters. Twenty-four teams competed in the latest PGL Major championship.

The Best E-Sports Tournaments and Teams Bangladeshis Bet On
E-Sports Betting Payment Methods in Bangladesh

E-Sports Betting Payment Methods in Bangladesh

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most popular payment option among Bangladeshi bettors. The main reason is that credit cards are acceptable in nearly all betting sites that accept Bangladeshis. Some betting sites offer special bonuses for punters who fund their accounts using credit cards. Credit cards are also easy to use, with transactions processed instantly to avoid inconveniences.


Crypto payments are a popular deposit method among Bangladeshi punters. That is because cryptocurrencies offer top-notch security and privacy levels, allowing punters to make payments without disclosing their personal information.

That can help protect the punters if the government decides to take action on punters for any possible reason. Furthermore, keeping gambling activities private is also essential for most punters in the country as it helps avoid societal judgment in the predominantly Muslim country.


E-wallets are also relatively popular among Bangladeshi bettors. Numerous e-wallet providers are available in Bangladesh and supported by most global eSports betting sites. Punters can choose e-wallets that match their preferences based on transaction limits, quality of customer support services, transaction costs, and other factors.

One of the top reasons e-wallets are popular among Bangladeshi punters is that they allow the withdrawal of funds from most betting sites.

E-Sports Betting Payment Methods in Bangladesh
History of E-Sports Betting in Bangladesh

History of E-Sports Betting in Bangladesh

All forms of gambling were officially banned in Bangladesh in 1867. Before then, gambling was not regulated but was still highly discouraged due to religious reasons. There have not been any significant changes ever since regarding all forms of gambling, as they remain banned to date.

However, gambling started to thrive gradually among Bangladeshis from the early 2000s, after the introduction of online gambling. Online gambling allowed Bangladeshi punters to access gambling services from other countries without geographical restrictions.

Esport’s History

Bangladesh has a relatively short history of eSports. For starters, video games began growing in popularity in gambling during the mid-2000s. That was when eSports tournaments and events started attracting huge audiences, which saw the best eSports bookies online include vast betting markets on their platforms.

However, it took a while before video game betting became popular among Bangladeshi punters. The prohibition of betting activities in the country limited punters' exposure to international betting markets.

Over time, the electronic sports betting industry became very competitive as more bookies increased their coverage of these betting markets. Most eSports betting bookies began exploring more ways to attract punters to their platforms, including those from countries known for anti-gambling laws, such as Bangladesh.

That was made possible by taking advantage of loopholes in gambling laws. The targeted marketing helped electronic sports become popular in the country quite rapidly.

E-Sports Nowadays in Bangladesh

Looking at the number of punters who actively bet on esports in Bangladesh, online betting continues to thrive in the country. The increasing number of betting markets and attractive offers from betting providers contribute a lot to that. However, Bangladeshi punters still rely on the best esports betting sites in Bangladesh to wager on their favorite matches or tournaments.

History of E-Sports Betting in Bangladesh
Future of Esports Betting in Bangladesh

Future of Esports Betting in Bangladesh

Predicting the future of electronic sports betting in Bangladesh can be somewhat tricky owing to numerous uncertainties surrounding the country’s legislation. As a result, industry experts have divided opinions.

Some suggest that electronic sports, and the online gambling industry in general, will thrive in the future as betting providers find better ways to make their betting markets more accessible to more Bangladeshi bettors. They also predict that the Bangladeshi government may ease the restrictive online gambling laws to benefit from the potential benefit it can get from the industry.

However, other experts suggest that the government is more likely to introduce sterner regulations limiting even existing punters from accessing gambling services, including online eSports betting. That will be fueled mainly by the Islamic laws implemented by the Bangladeshi government.

Future of Esports Betting in Bangladesh
Betting Acts in Bangladesh

Betting Acts in Bangladesh

Public Gambling Act of 1867

The first gambling laws were published under the Public Gambling Act in 1867. The Act was basically copied from what the neighboring country, India, had implemented in their constitution. It banned all forms of gambling at the time and specified the appropriate punishments to which law offenders were liable.

However, online betting had not been introduced by then. The Act thus did not include any sections related to online betting. However, a section of the Act gave the government power to extend any sections of the Act to places and activities that may not be included.


The Public Gambling Act specifies the penalties for breaking any gambling regulations. Such include penalties for providing betting services within the country, knowingly allowing gambling to take place illegally, participating in gambling activities, and managing or assisting with providing gambling services.

Persons who furnish or advance money to facilitate betting are also liable to prosecution. Offenders are liable upon conviction by a magistrate to a fine, imprisonment, or both. The terms are defined in the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. bettin


There are no provisions for licensing esports betting Bangladesh. Consequently, there are also no provisions for taxation on betting providers or punters. That means punters in Bangladesh are not required to pay taxes to their government on winnings they get from betting at offshore betting sites.

Religious Laws

Muslim laws are also used to prohibit betting in Bangladesh, given that it is predominantly a Muslim country. According to Muslim religious laws, it is unlawful to gain wealth through gambling.

Betting Acts in Bangladesh


Is eSports betting legal in Bangladesh?

E-Sports betting is prohibited in Bangladesh, per the Public Gambling Act of 1867. It is also illegal for betting providers to operate within the country. However, no specific laws prohibit betting on electronic sports on offshore-based betting sites. Punters can also use several measures to bet privately and securely, such as VPNs.

Do Bangladeshi bettors get bonus offers?

Bangladeshis typically receive bonus offers from the international betting sites they join. However, betting sites have different bonus offers, with some having none. The punters should thus consider the bonus offers and conditions available to them when choosing betting sites to ensure they enjoy the generous bonus offers.

How can punters choose the best esports betting sites Bangladesh?

Different bookmakers have varying sets of features, each looking to differentiate themselves from the competition to attract more punters. That makes it challenging for bettors to choose the most suitable ones, especially those new to betting. A comparison website for eSports bookies online can help ease the process.

Which kind of eSports bets can Bangladeshi punters place?

Bangladeshi punters can place any eSports bet, provided it is offered by the betting site they use. Some popular bet types include match-winner, futures, handicaps, correct score, and totals.