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At eSportRanker, we assess and rank eSports online bookmakers to guide you confidently through your betting choices. Our expert team evaluates each bookmaker based on a comprehensive set of criteria, ensuring they meet high standards for security, user experience, betting options, and customer support. This ensures that when you choose a platform recommended by us, you are using a trusted and credible site. Trust eSportRanker to enhance your eSports betting journey, helping you make informed decisions with the assurance of our thorough, expert reviews. To prove to you our expertise, here’s a detailed description of eSportRanker’s team workflow.


We take the reputation of eSports online bookmakers very seriously. A reputable license is the basis of trust; we look for accreditation from top regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Regular audits are equally critical, and we value those conducted by esteemed firms like eCOGRA and iTech Labs, which ensure fairness and transparency. We also consider endorsements from prominent eSports organizations to be a sign of credibility. Reviews from players and the wider eSports community provide real-world insights, while targeted media coverage in the eSports sector offers an external perspective on a bookmaker's standing.


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Ensuring the safety of eSports online bookmakers is paramount. We rigorously assess the security protocols they implement, focusing on advanced data encryption methods such as SSL to safeguard user data during transmission. We also verify the presence of two-factor authentication to enhance account security and evaluate anti-fraud measures that protect transactions from unauthorized access. Our safety evaluation doesn’t stop there; we emphasize the importance of responsible betting tools. These include deposit limits, time-out options, and self-exclusion facilities, which are crucial for maintaining responsible gambling practices. Compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR is also a critical criterion, ensuring that bookmakers uphold the highest standards of user privacy and data security.


We examine the clarity and fairness of terms & conditions, prioritizing platforms that offer straightforward wagering requirements and transparent bonus rules. A robust privacy policy is also crucial, ensuring user data protection is up to industry standards. Transparency about bookmaker ownership and operations is assessed to guarantee they openly disclose their management and business practices.

Bonuses and Promotions

We look at bonuses and promotions offered by eSports online bookmakers, prioritizing offers that cater specifically to the eSports community. Key offerings include free bets, attractive welcome bonuses, and event-specific promotions designed to enhance the betting experience during major eSports tournaments. A good welcome bonus for eSports bettors, for instance, might be a 100% match on the first deposit of up to $200, with an added benefit of free bets on popular eSports events.

We assess the fairness of these bonuses by examining their wagering requirements, considering terms acceptable when they generally do not exceed 5x the bonus amount for free bets and 10x for match bonuses. Transparent and clear terms are crucial, ensuring bettors understand the requirements and potential benefits. Our reviews aim to guide users towards bookmakers that not only offer enticing incentives but also uphold fair gaming practices, ensuring a rewarding betting journey in the eSports realm.

eSports Betting Options

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eSportRanker’s team pays attention to the bookmaker’s betting options to ensure they meet the varied interests of eSports enthusiasts. Our assessment includes a detailed review of the variety of eSports titles offered for betting, with essential titles like 'League of Legends', 'Dota 2', and 'CS:GO' considered standard. Additionally, we look for coverage of niche games that appeal to a broader audience. We delve into the depth of market offerings, evaluating how extensive betting options are, including typical match winners, over/under scores, and specific in-game event bets.

Live betting features are scrutinized for their quality and responsiveness, assessing whether bettors can engage seamlessly during live eSports events. This includes checking for real-time updates and the ease of placing bets as the action unfolds. The overall betting experience is also rated on the clarity of the user interface, the simplicity of the bet placement process, and the availability of informative resources that assist new bettors.

Payment Methods for eSports Betting

We prioritize platforms that offer seamless depositing processes, where funds appear almost instantly, and commend those with swift withdrawal times, ideally within 24 hours, recognizing prolonged waits—over 72 hours—as suboptimal. We also scrutinize the fee structures and transaction limits, advocating for minimal or no fees and flexible limits that cater to both casual enthusiasts and serious bettors. Essential to our review is the diversity of payment options, especially those favored by eSports bettors, including PayPal, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This comprehensive approach ensures that the payment systems of eSports bookmakers meet the practical needs and expectations of our users.

Global Reach and Localization

Our team thoroughly assesses the global reach and localization strategies of eSports online bookmakers to ensure they cater effectively to a diverse international audience. Our evaluation focuses on several key areas: the availability of the bookmaker across different countries, multilingual support to accommodate various language speakers, and the localization of betting options that resonate with regional betting habits and preferences. Furthermore, we consider the acceptance of multiple currencies crucial, as it enhances accessibility and convenience for bettors from different financial backgrounds. These factors collectively determine a sportsbook's ability to provide an inclusive, user-friendly betting environment that is pivotal for international eSports enthusiasts.

Community and Support

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We value an online bookmaker that adheres strictly to the player-first approach. This signals that the bookmaker prioritizes the needs and preferences of bettors. To ensure this, we look at two essential aspects: customer support and user experience, which reflect the core elements that enhance betting enjoyment and convenience.

Customer Support for eSports Bettors

Our assessment focuses on the availability and effectiveness of support channels critical to eSports bettors, including live chat, email, and social media. We measure the responsiveness and the quality of assistance provided, ensuring issues are resolved promptly and accurately. A top-rated bookmaker should offer fast response times—ideally within minutes—and have knowledgeable staff equipped to handle specific eSports betting queries.

User Experience in eSports Betting

We scrutinize the registration process to ensure it is streamlined and efficient, taking no more than a few minutes and requiring minimal steps without compromising security. The performance of websites and apps is tested for speed and reliability, especially during live events where quick betting might be crucial. Navigation is reviewed for intuitiveness; bettors should easily locate betting markets, account settings, and support features. The overall design must not only be visually appealing but also functionally optimized for betting, with a layout that enhances the user's ability to engage effectively and enjoyably with the platform.

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