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How to Obtain and Craft Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

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Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament is a crafting material used to create Epic-quality gear in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery phase two. This material is essential for crafting Leatherworking, Tailoring, Engineering, and Blacksmithing recipes.

How to Obtain and Craft Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Ways to Obtain Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament

There are two ways to obtain Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament in Season of Discovery:

  1. Buy it from the Auction House: Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament can be purchased from the Auction House. However, the prices are usually high, with one filament selling for around 25 gold.

  2. Craft it yourself: If you don't have enough gold to buy Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament, you can craft it yourself. To do this, you will need Tailoring level 200 and the Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament recipe.

Crafting Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament

To craft one Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament, you will need the following materials:

  • Two Bolts of Mageweave
  • Five Unstable Microfilament (obtained by turning in Grime-Encrusted Salvages at The Salvagematic 9000)
  • Five Heavy Silken Thread

Obtaining the Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament Recipe

To obtain the Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament recipe, you need to visit The Clean Zone in Gnomeregan and find Ziri ‚ÄúThe Wrench‚ÄĚ Littlesprocket. Here's how to find her:

  1. Enter Gnomeregan and head to the left side.
  2. Stick to the upper ring until you find the second passage in the wall.
  3. Proceed through the passage and follow the path until you reach an area with friendly Gnomes.
  4. Look for Ziri, a female Gnome surrounded by Gnomish devices.
  5. Purchase the Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament recipe from Ziri for 15 gold.


Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament is a valuable crafting material required for creating powerful gear in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Whether you choose to buy it or craft it yourself, obtaining this material is crucial for players looking to enhance their DPS or healing capabilities. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can acquire Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament and create the gear you need to stay competitive in the game.

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