Most Popular eSports Bookies in Australia

Esports dominate the Australian sports betting scene and across the globe. It is already a multi-million-dollar industry. Predictive models indicate that eSports will become the second most wagered-on sport after football, even ahead of traditional sports like basketball and tennis.

For this reason, esports titles have taken on a prominent place in the best eSports betting sites in Australia. By offering multiple ways to wager, betting companies have intensified Aussies' passion for competitive video games. Players are spoilt with a ton of options at legal sportsbooks. There is an amazing range of betting markets from FIFA, League of Legends, Dota2 to CS: GO.

Most Popular eSports Bookies in Australia
History of esports betting in Australia

History of esports betting in Australia

Australians have indulged in sports betting as a form of leisure since 1810, exactly 40 years following the arrival of James Cook, who brought a crew from Britain. The British influence shaped betting in Australia, especially in horseracing. A horse race event held in 1810 in Hyde Park set the pace for sports betting in the country. Horse race bets were only available at a bookmaker until 1931, when radio broadcasting and telephone paved the way for illegal betting programs dubbed Starting Price bookies. Despite being illegal, the activities continued to flourish in bars and pubs. Corruption in the law enforcement sector may have also contributed to the demand for Starting Price bets.

It was until 1961, after the first state-regulated Totalisator Agency Board was established, corruption in gambling stopped. As a result, the Aussie government could collect revenue from sports betting. As early as the 1970s, sports betting had grown to be Australia's most popular game of chance. Although not to the same degree as horseracing, greyhound racing and harness racing also had their followers. The first licensed sports betting site was established in 1993. By then, it only featured horse race bets, but today, customers can bet on traditional sports games and eSports.

History of esports betting in Australia
Esports nowadays in Australia

Esports nowadays in Australia

While sports betting was illegal until 1980, this did not deter Aussie players from waging on games such as soccer and cricket. Today, sports bettors have embraced games that demand skill sets and experience, especially eSports. The eSports fan base mainly comprises male players below 50 years of age. Some bettors are high-income earners, and others have full-time jobs, which essentially means eSports betting is largely for entertainment.

Esports betting sites in Australia do not provide sign-up bonuses as the law requires. However, they ensure that everything is organized and optimized to keep players interested. Top eSports betting sites are on the front line of security, ethical gaming, excellent customer service, effective payments, and user experience. Most of the eSports bets in Australia are placed via smartphones, increasing the demand for mobile-optimized bookies.

Anyone who has attained the minimum legal age can bet on their favorite eSports players, events, and team without worrying whether the bookmaker is licensed or not. This is more elaborate than in other countries where sports gambling laws seem to be ambiguous. Numerous betting companies are licensed in the Northern Territory and can now compete with international powerhouses.

Live esports betting in Australia

Even though online eSports betting is legal, it is wrong to bet on an event that has kicked off during an eSports competition. This means it is illegal to live-stream eSports in Australia. Players must place their bets before the event begins. That said, anyone who wants to place a real-money pre-match bet on LoL, Overwatch, or CS: GO must do so in a fully licensed site with competitive odds. Because this impedes Australian eSports betting sites, many European platforms have found an opportunity to bring live eSports to the Aussie audience.

Is mobile sports betting popular in Australia?

Mobile phones and tablets are extensively used for sports betting in Australia. As such, top sites provide downloadable apps to give an outstanding gaming experience to regular bettors. An app facilitates easy access to the website in a single click in addition to live streaming of eSports events. Another popular option is visiting the mobile site, perfect for placing quick bets.

Here, we explore how the Australian betting industry has evolved, future expectations, and the top eSports games among Aussie players. Also, find out the most effective banking methods to use at online bookies and the most commonly asked questions on sports betting in this island continent.

Future of esports betting in Australia

Since live streaming of eSports is restricted in Australia, more eSports companies from other countries are expected to flock to the industry. The esports betting scene will continue to thrive, and everything will be better in the future. Of late, high-profile eSports tournaments have been unveiled, like the Fortnight tournament part of the Australian Open. The $100k prize pool for Summer Smash was the largest ever in Australian eSports. The country's bookmakers would not have missed it with record numbers of gamers. There may have been a slow start for the eSports betting industry, but it seems it is on its way to a bright future.

Esports nowadays in Australia
Esports legislation in Australia

Esports legislation in Australia

Esports betting is among the most popular forms of gambling in Australia. Thousands of outlets offer local punters an opportunity to wager on their favorite games. There are many Australian-owned bookmakers licensed in their respective states or territories. Notably, eSports betting is allowed through the Northern Territory Corporate Bookmaker License. Bookmakers can also obtain a permit from their state, known as On-course Bookmaker License.

The Northern Territory has the mandate to issue as many Corporate Bookmaker Licenses as possible. The licensed bookies can operate via telephone and over the internet. However, On-Course Bookmaker License permits are limited to a few operators subject to availability. If fully licensed, these operators may provide betting services online, via telephone, and on-course.

Betting acts in Australia

The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), which monitors anti-money laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing, also regulates certain betting activities. According to the AML/CTF Act, all betting sites must register with AUSTRAC, follow the AML/CTF Program, and file SMRs and TTRs. Non-compliance may attract huge civil fines and other legal penalties.

Still, under the AML/CFT Act, digital currencies must not be used as an alternative for fiat money for betting at any licensed gambling place. However, different state and territory gambling jurisdictions are reviewing this law to see how cryptocurrency payments can be incorporated into the industry. A proposal was made in 2018 to allow virtual currencies for betting, but it was hampered by the NTRC, Northern Territory Racing Commission.

The 2001 Australian Interactive Gambling Act prohibits live gaming activities. Notwithstanding, the Act does not outlaw eSports betting in Australia. Players are free to place pre-event bets on licensed platforms on many eSports markets.

Winnings resulting from online eSports betting are not considered as income by the government; hence, they are not taxable. However, Sportsbooks should pay taxes according to the taxation laws in their respective states. As such, the authorities expect gamblers to play online games as pastime activities rather than a source of livelihood.

Esports legislation in Australia
Australian players favorite esports games

Australian players favorite esports games

Esports lovers should check with their state laws before signing up for a sportsbook. They can expect tons of welcome bonuses in offshore sites because of the stiff competition in the global betting scene. It is not always possible for Aussie players to be eligible for the advertised promotions. With or without bonuses, the best esports betting sites in Australia will never lack these titles.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is an objective-based shooter game where counter-terrorist teams fight terrorists on new maps and classic maps like the Dust II. The terrorist team strives to set up a bomb before the opponents stop them.

League of Legends

A multiplayer online battle game (MOBA) with opposing teams that also want to protect their strongholds.

Dota 2

Two five-player teams battle to destroy the Ancient, an enemy base. At the same time, they have to defend their territory.


A card-based eSports game launched in 2014, perfect for casual and experienced players. The gameplay involves two players who compete strategically to beat the opponent with unique card combinations and capabilities.

Call of Duty

A first-class first-person shooter eSports that focuses on major conflicts like the Second World War, Cold War, and futuristic events.

StarCraft II

The best real-time strategy video game that feels like Zerg Rush, Protoss, or Terran.


A Fortnite contestant can continue singlehandedly or in a team of up to 100. The survivors drop odd the battle bus on a map to search for weapons and shields. Meanwhile, the battlefield gets smaller, and more proactive actions are needed until one player or one team is left.


A first-person shooter multiplayer game (Hero Shooter) whereby two heroic teams, each with six players, fight to take cargo to a specific location or reclaim an area on the map in a given timeframe.

Australian players favorite esports games
Payment methods in Australia

Payment methods in Australia

The payment methods for an online esports betting site can affect the player's experience. For this matter, we only recommend sites with a broad set of payment options for depositing and withdrawing. The best global payment methods in Aussie betting sites are:

  • Debit and credit cards: Maestro, Visa debit, Discover, MasterCard
  • E-wallets: Neteller, Skrill, PayPal
  • Digital payments and Pre-paid cards: Paysafecard, Entropay

Local payment methods include:

  • Direct bank transfer: Westpac, NAB, Commonwealth, and ANZ
  • Cheque
  • POLi
  • UnionPay
  • WeChat Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • ZipPay
  • Apple Pay
  • Alipay
  • Google Pay

American Express is accepted by only a few Australian eSports betting sites. Australians can only use cryptocurrencies at international sites.

Payment methods in Australia


Why Is it Important for Aussie Players to Bet in Australia-based sites?

The first thing that eSports bettors should check is what geographical region the site operates in. Some Australian territories only accept local players. Other overseas betting sites make it harder for Australians to bet because of currency restrictions and proof of identity. Even some of Australia's best esports betting sites do not allow players from certain countries.

What are esports, and How do they differ from online gaming?

These are highly competitive video games, distinct from regular sports, where teams compete through computers under specified rules. The gameplay cannot be altered by random mechanics or preprogrammed schemes.

How do esports bets go?

Betting on eSports is primarily on to-tier teams and events in professional video gaming. Players can bet on the outcome of the LoL tournament. For instance. It is hard to come by qualifying markets online since handicap bets are relatively young and new eSports heroes continue to emerge all the time.

What is the legal age for esports betting in Australia?

One must be 18 years or older to bet. They must present proof of identity to the sportsbook before betting with real money.