Most Popular eSports Bookies in Canada

Esports or electronic sports enjoy immense popularity in Canada. This new phenomenon sees players battle out individually or as a team. Unlike traditional video games, eSports events have hundreds, thousands, or even millions following them. With eSports having gone mainstream in most parts of the world, punters have more than enough options at their hands.

Esports betting is undoubtedly the next big thing in sports betting. Any punter who is into eSports betting in Canada should indeed have ample options to choose from. Another standout why this industry is booming is that betting sites offer great eSports odds. Likewise, Canada boasts of some of the most competitive eSports teams and homegrown tournaments, which further underline why Canada is closely associated with Esports betting.

Most Popular eSports Bookies in Canada
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The popularity of eSsports betting in eSports betting means that players have to wade through a wide range of options. It is also worth noting that the increasing popularity of Esports has also come up with a great deal of uncertainty among enthusiasts and devout gamers. When it comes to real money eSports betting, players should ensure that they do due diligence. Thankfully, most betting sites covering the Canadian betting markets are exhaustively reviewed.

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History of eSports betting in Canada

History of eSports betting in Canada

With massive growth realized in recent years in the eSports industry, everyone would want to take a closer look at the workings of this industry, more so the history. Well, some people tend to be overly curious about how eSports started in Canada, why it blossomed to its current state, and most importantly, what it might look like in the years to come.

Esports games stemmed from casual video gaming. With increased competition, the need to increase competition became apparent. The first documented video game content was hosted at Stanford University in 1972. Esports has evolved from a niche gaming community to a multi-billion dollar industry in the last couple of years.

In recent years, Canada has played a pivotal role in the eSports global movement, key among them being the 2017 Overwatch World Cup, where Canada snagged second place. Also, Canada's Sacha Hostyln went down in history as the first woman to win the coveted StarCraft 2 championship.

Esports nowadays in Canada

As it stands, eSports media rights have recorded one of the highest and most significant growth in recent years, with revenue projections poised to surpass the $11 million mark. It is worth noting that Esports betting Canada mirrors traditional sports in many ways. This correlation has been instrumental in solidifying eSports as a legitimate industry.

From an investment point of view, a lot is happening on the ground that could redefine Canada's eSports gaming potential. Toronto and Vancouver, for instance, have a particularly high profile in the global eSports scene. These two cities are home to international heavyweights such as OverActive Media and Luminosity that have redefined the industry's pro scene with franchisees and teams.

Future of eSports betting in Canada

With the rapid development of the eSports industry in North America, it is not surprising that investors are keen to tap into the burgeoning market. Industry success is pegged on critical developments, such as increased viewership, centralization of eSports teams, and the development of franchise-style leagues.

As Canada seeks to take advantage of its eSports talents, there have been significant efforts to develop eSports talents and infrastructure. As the Canadian eSports industry works on a model that will Esports gaming go mainstream, the betting industry is poised to benefit from these efforts.

A closer look at the future of eSports in Canada reveals that the sky is the limit. With eSports gaming going mainstream, many are committing to eSports betting. With millions of dollars pumped into this industry, indeed, there is every indication that eSports gaming is a thing for the future.

Key historical changes

The history of betting on spotting competitions in Canada goes back centuries ago when natives wagered on games of chances. Unfortunately, things took a twist in 1892 when the authorities throttled all forms of online gambling, only allowing horseracing. In 1969, the Canadian gambling laws were somewhat relaxed to pave the way for digital gambling forms, primarily regulated at the provincial level.

Legal Dynamics

Esports is not immune from traditional investment arrangements. With the industry attracting massive investment amounts, the explosion of the internet in the last two decades has brought with it new possibilities, key among them being the explosion of the online gambling industry.

Canada adopts a liberal approach when it comes to gambling. As far as the legalities go, it is worth noting that no Canadian has ever been prosecuted for using an online sportsbook. Online bookmakers enjoy significant popularity, taking advantage of the gaps in current legislation. There is still no clear path on how the government will address online gambling in the future.

History of eSports betting in Canada
Canadian players favorite games

Canadian players favorite games

Esports enjoy a massive following in Canada, with close to two million Canadians streaming eSports every month. Canadian punters are compelled to use overseas bookmakers to place bets on their favorite eSports games. Here is an overview of some of Canada's most popular Esports.

  • League of Legends (LOL): This epic game tops the list of most popular eSports games in Canada. Millions of Canadians stream LOL events, which makes it the most enticing prospect for eSports betting.

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO): CSGO is another eSports game that comes close to LOL in terms of popularity, not only in Canada but also globally. A closer look at several CSGO majors undoubtedly sheds light on how Canadian punters embrace this game.

  • Defense of the Ancients Also known as Dota2, this is another game that common a huge following among Canadians. Its claim to fame among Canadian eSports players could be attributed to the fact that it is the words best-paying Esports tournament. Ease of play and Dota2's thrills are other reasons why it keeps attracting record-breaking numbers.

  • Overwatch: Undoubtedly, most people would not have envisioned having Overwatch featured on the list of world-beaters. It might not be the most popular game globally, but it enjoys vast popularity in Canada.

Canadian players favorite games
Payment methods in Canada

Payment methods in Canada

As Canadians explore offshore betting sites that cater to their interests, they also need to pay attention to how they will be funding their eSports bets. The chosen payment method determines how fast a player can make a deposit or a withdrawal. Safety and reliability should also be a key concern among punters looking for dependable payment methods. Here is a list of tried and tested methods Canadian players can use to fund their eSports betting exploits.

  • Credit and debit cards: Most betting sites available to Canadian players allow credit and debit card payments. For instance, Visa and MasterCard deposits should be free and instant. On the other hand, Withdrawals often take a couple of working days before reflecting in the player's account.

  • E-wallets: Most betting sites accepts a variety of e-wallets. Canadian eSports players prefer e-wallets as they are easy to process and pose a minimal risk on personal and financial information. While some options might not double up both deposit options, e-wallets users generally enjoy fast payouts.

Some betting sites also accept payment methods that are specific to Canada. Players can choose between prepaid cards such as Paysafecard and Neosurf or other mainstream solutions such as Interac, iDebit, and Instadebit.

Payment methods in Canada
FAQs about betting in Canada

FAQs about betting in Canada

Is eSports betting in Canada legal?

The situation around online betting in Canada is quite complex. Even so, most Canadians are free to join at wager at overseeing sportsbooks or betting sites. However, players are always advised to pay attention to local regulations and apply them before attempting online betting.

Is it safe to bet online?

Online gambling is not legally prohibited, but betting at a licensed and regulated online casino can only guarantee safety. Therefore, any online betting site that holds a license from a recognized body is deemed safe.

How can a player choose the best eSports betting site?

Bookmakers are not cut from the same cloth. Some offer extensive coverage of betting markets, while others choose to focus on a limited collection. Therefore, it is the player's responsibility to do due diligence before signing up with a betting site.

Are eSports events covered all year round?

Most eSports betting sites cover events taking place around the globe. Therefore, the availability of certain events largely depends on the events taking place. For the most part, there are always events taking place, albeit with some breaks in play.

FAQs about betting in Canada