November 2, 2023

Roobet Cup 2023 Grand Final: Monte vs - Clash of the Titans

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The Roobet Cup 2023 has reached its Grand Final, marking the end of one of the biggest CS2 tournaments to date. Despite being an online event, it has showcased impressive action from some of the best CS teams. Now, only Monte and remain in the tournament after sixteen teams initially entered. The question on everyone's mind is, who will emerge as the winner and claim the eye-watering $150,000 prize? Let's delve deeper into the details.

Roobet Cup 2023 Grand Final: Monte vs - Clash of the Titans

Monte's Hopes

Monte has consistently shown their strength and resilience as a team. They have been dedicated to the online grind, ensuring they entered the early CS2 tournaments in peak form. After a disappointing performance in IEM Sydney 2023, the Roobet Cup 2023 presented an opportunity for Monte to swiftly bounce back. And bounce back they did, as they have only dropped a single map throughout the tournament.

Facing opponents such as OG, NIP, Movistar Riders, and Aurora, Monte has proven their mettle. While these teams may not be the toughest competition, Monte has approached each match with confidence. Every player on the roster has maintained a positive K/D ratio across the nine maps played so far. Notably, kRaSnaL has stood out, and his performance will be crucial if Monte aims to secure victory in the Grand Final.'s Chances

Jame's unique style of Counter-Strike may be polarizing, but its effectiveness cannot be denied. has displayed ruthless efficiency throughout the Roobet Cup 2023, effortlessly defeating Spirit, Movistar Riders, OG, and FURIA. While NIP and Aurora may not be as formidable as Spirit and FURIA,'s journey to the Grand Final is commendable.

Even when faced with a map loss against FURIA in the Semi-Finals, maintained control throughout the match. Monte poses the biggest challenge for them thus far, but enters the matchup with confidence and no reason to doubt their ability to succeed.

Throughout the CS2 tournament, n0rb3r7 has been the only player on who has underperformed on paper, with a K/D ratio of 0.88. In a tournament where small margins can make a significant difference, n0rb3r7's performance will play a crucial role in's chances of victory.

In conclusion, the Roobet Cup 2023 Grand Final promises an exciting clash between Monte and Both teams have showcased their skills and determination throughout the tournament. Monte's consistent performance and confident roster make them a formidable opponent, while's ruthless efficiency and Jame's unique style make them a force to be reckoned with. As the match unfolds, all eyes will be on the players, especially kRaSnaL from Monte and n0rb3r7 from The outcome of this Grand Final will be determined by fine margins, and it is sure to be a thrilling spectacle for CS fans worldwide.

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