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November 6, 2023

G2 VALORANT's Performance at Sentinels Invitational: Room for Improvement

Liam Fletcher
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The G2 Valorant roster recently participated in the Sentinels Invitational, but their performance left much to be desired. Despite the addition of Nathan “leaf” Orf as the primary duelist, the team fell short in most of their series.

G2 VALORANT's Performance at Sentinels Invitational: Room for Improvement

G2 Esports has assembled a formidable lineup for the upcoming 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Americas. The acquisition of leaf was the result of a strategic effort by G2, who competed against 17 other esports organizations to secure players from The Guard's squad. However, despite their impressive roster, G2 still appeared disjointed at the Sentinels Invitational, experiencing both highs and lows.

During the event, G2 played a total of four matches and only managed to win one against Ludwig's new MxR roster. Although their matches were closely contested with small round differences and a high number of total rounds played, there are clear areas for improvement, particularly in attacking strategies and retakes.

Fortunately, there is still ample time for the G2 roster to gel together and improve their performance. Their upcoming bootcamp in Europe is expected to provide a much-needed boost. It is crucial for the team to address their weaknesses and refine their gameplay before the VCT 2024 Season.

In conclusion, while G2 VALORANT has a strong lineup, they need to put in more practice and focus on improving their coordination and strategies. With the right preparation and dedication, they have the potential to become a dominant force in the upcoming season.

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