November 1, 2023

Positive Update on Team's Health and Performance at Worlds

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Kiaya's Positive Update

Kiaya gave a positive update on the team's well-being, stating that all players are now healthy. However, due to health issues, they couldn't give their best performance in the series. GAM had been struggling with health issues, with jungler Levi even being admitted to the ER after their victory over Team Liquid. Despite the challenges, Kiaya felt that he personally performed well during the tournament and acknowledged the team's effort to win.

Positive Update on Team's Health and Performance at Worlds

Lessons Learned by Kiaya

Kiaya emphasized the importance of team cohesion to beat major regions. He believes that unity, confidence, and mental preparation are crucial factors in achieving victory.

ShowMaker's Tough Exit

ShowMaker faced a tough exit at Worlds and expressed his wish for future ShowMaker to be happy.

Contractz's Elation after G2 Win

Contractz, from NRG, was elated after their unexpected victory against G2 Esports. He revealed that NRG had a low win rate in scrims during their time in Korea but believed that their preparation paid off on stage. Contractz also reflected on his journey as a player, from participating in Worlds 2017 with Cloud9 to reaching the knockouts with NRG in 2023. He expressed pride in representing North America and a determination to continue making the region proud.

Triggering Improvement in the LCS

Following NRG's victory, Contractz was asked about his thoughts on improving the LCS's performance at Worlds. He suggested that teams and organizations should scout more North American players, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and build strategies accordingly. He also emphasized the need to take chances on talented players and overcome the fear of failure.

G2's Underestimation

Caps and Yike both acknowledged that G2 may have underestimated their opponents. Caps admitted that NRG showed up stronger than expected, considering their victories over MAD Lions and winning the NA region. Yike's interview with Davide Xu delved into G2's expectations and the unexpected turn of events.

With the LEC officially out of Worlds, NRG remains the last hope for the western teams in the event.

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