November 15, 2023

Heidi Health Raises $6.5M to Revolutionize Healthcare with AI-powered Software

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Melbourne-based health tech startup Heidi Health has raised A$10 million ($6.5 million) in a Series A funding round led by Blackbird Ventures. This brings its total investments to date to A$15 million ($9.7 million).

Heidi Health Raises $6.5M to Revolutionize Healthcare with AI-powered Software

What Heidi Health Does

Heidi Health, formerly known as Oscer, was founded two years ago by Dr. Thomas Kelly, Waleed Mussa, and Yu Liu. The startup aims to develop AI-powered software that improves patient experience and enhances clinicians' working conditions. Their flagship product, Heidi Clinician, automates tedious administrative tasks for clinicians using artificial general intelligence. It is already adopted by 100 GPs in 30 clinics across Australia.

Purpose of the Funding

Heidi Health will use the fresh funds to further develop Heidi Clinician and expand its user base among clinics and GPs in Australia. The startup directly connects with clinicians to offer their product and seeks partnerships with organizations and software companies to include their AI offering. The funds will also be used to expand the team of doctors, designers, and engineers.

Addressing Healthcare Challenges

Australia is facing a shortage of GPs and an increasing demand for GP services. Clinicians are spending excessive time on paperwork and administrative tasks, leading to negative impacts on patient outcomes and clinician burnout. Heidi Clinician aims to address these issues by automating administrative components of care and optimizing clinician resources.

Differentiating Factors

Heidi Health differentiates itself from the competition by being founded by a clinician and having extensive experience in the healthcare industry. They understand the data, security, privacy, and compliance challenges of using large language models in a healthcare setting. The startup believes that a sustainable moat can be built at every level of the AI product, including AI safety, product innovations, and go-to-market strategies.

Market Potential

AI-powered solutions, like Heidi Clinician, have the potential to bring significant value to the healthcare sector in Australia. It is estimated that these tools could contribute up to $13 billion by 2030. With the increasing number of AI-powered solutions entering the market, Heidi Health aims to stay ahead by leveraging their expertise and unique approach.


Heidi Health's successful Series A funding round of $6.5 million will enable the further development and expansion of their AI-powered software, Heidi Clinician. By automating administrative tasks and optimizing clinician resources, Heidi Health aims to improve patient experience and alleviate the burden on clinicians. With their differentiated approach and understanding of healthcare challenges, Heidi Health is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry.

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