October 28, 2023

FNC vs WBG: Last Chance Showdown in Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

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FNC and WBG will face off in the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage, competing for the last spot in the top 8. This match preview will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and predict the outcome of the series.

FNC vs WBG: Last Chance Showdown in Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

FNC's Last Chance

With MAD Lions already eliminated from the tournament, FNC will conclude the Swiss stage with their series against WBG. The result of this match will determine whether G2, the other LEC team, advances to the quarterfinals. FNC could be the last hope for the LEC if G2 fails to win against BLG.

WBG's Uphill Battle

Although WBG is considered the weakest team among the LPL teams, they still pose a significant challenge for FNC. Eastern teams are renowned for their exceptional teamfighting skills, making it difficult for any opponent to secure a victory. Even if FNC manages to gain an advantage, the series will be intense and nerve-wracking.

Identifying Weaknesses

Both FNC and WBG have displayed weaknesses in their gameplay. Given the limited time between matches, it is unlikely that these issues have been fully addressed.

  • WBG's mid laner, Xiaohu, has been underperforming compared to his teammates. In the series against MAD, he was heavily targeted and exploited. FNC could potentially capitalize on this weakness.

  • FNC struggles with drafting optimal team compositions. While they are known for their creativity, there are instances where they fail to execute their strategies effectively. It is crucial for FNC to avoid repeating past mistakes and focus on playing a standard teamfight composition.

Key Factors for Victory

The outcome of the match will depend on two crucial factors: WBG's teamfighting potential and decision-making, and FNC's ability to exploit WBG's weaknesses. These elements will determine which team emerges victorious.

Predicted Outcome

Considering the performances of TheShy and Light in the Swiss Stage, WBG is likely to be the favored team. However, there will be opportunities for FNC to capitalize on mistakes and make the series much closer. The prediction for the series is FNC 1 - 2 WBG.

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