May 24, 2024

Exploring the Niche and Unexpected Corners of Esports

Liam Fletcher
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Key Takeaways

  • Digimon's Unexpected Comeback: Surprisingly, Digimon card games have carved out a niche in the esports world, with an enthusiastic community and unofficial online tournaments.
  • Farming for Glory: Against all odds, "Farming Simulator" boasts a competitive esports league with substantial cash prizes, proving that even the most tranquil activities can become a competitive battleground.
  • Uncharted Territory: The action-packed world of "Uncharted 4" multiplayer emerges as an underdog in esports, hosting occasional tournaments that keep its adventure alive.
  • Geoguessr's Global Challenge: The seemingly simple game of Geoguessr has captivated a worldwide audience, showcasing the competitive edge of geographical knowledge in its first World Cup.
  • Catherine Climbs the Ranks: The puzzle-platformer "Catherine" brings an unexpected twist to esports, focusing on strategic tower climbing and competitive play that once graced the stages of Evo.

Digimon Card Game: A Digital Monster Revival

You might be taken aback to learn that Digimon, a name synonymous with late 90s and early 2000s childhoods, is thriving in a quite unexpected arena. Transitioning from digital pets to a competitive card game, Digimon has not only survived but flourished, with a bustling community and real-life tournaments reminiscent of other trading card game giants. The existence of an unofficial online Digimon TCG simulator hints at potential growth, particularly if Bandai Namco decides to embrace the digital trend fully.

Exploring the Niche and Unexpected Corners of Esports

Farming Simulator: Not Just a Day Job

It sounds like a punchline, but the Farming Simulator esports league is as real as it gets, complete with a surprisingly hefty prize pool. Who knew that virtual farming could be so competitive and lucrative? Teams strategize over the best ways to harvest and haul, turning what many consider a leisurely pastime into an intense, coordinated competition. This league is a testament to the broadening scope of what can be considered "esports."

Uncharted 4: An Unexpected Arena

While Naughty Dog’s "Uncharted" series is celebrated for its single-player narrative, "Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End" harbors a competitive multiplayer mode that has sustained a dedicated following. Though not on the scale of the larger franchises in esports, the game still sees action through sporadic tournaments, keeping the spirit of adventure alive in a competitive format.

Geoguessr: The World is Your Arena

Geoguessr took the internet by storm, turning the simple act of identifying locations into a competitive, and highly engaging, global contest. The game's recent World Cup, featuring players from across the globe, not only highlighted its broad appeal but also the intriguing skill set it demands. This competition has brought a new dimension to esports, where knowledge of the world translates into competitive success.

Catherine: A Nightmare Turned Competitive Dream

Lastly, Catherine stands out as a unique blend of narrative depth and competitive puzzle-solving. Its inclusion in esports, focusing on the game's challenging nightmare sequences, showcases the diverse range of games that can find a home in competitive gaming. Though it may not be in the esports spotlight as much as it once was, Catherine's history and participation in events like Evo underline the unexpected paths esports can take.


From card games based on beloved digital pets to the strategic harvests of virtual farming, the esports landscape is as varied as it is surprising. These niche and unexpected corners of competitive gaming highlight not only the evolving nature of esports but also the wide-ranging interests and skills of its community. Whether it's the geographic knowledge tested in Geoguessr, the adventure and strategy of Uncharted and Catherine, or the nostalgic revival of Digimon, these games prove that virtually any passion can find its competitive stage.

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