February 13, 2024

Exciting and Competitive LCS Spring Split: A New Era for North American League of Legends

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The new era of North American competitive League of Legends has brought excitement and hope to fans. In just four weeks, the region has seen a significant improvement in the level of competition and the overall experience for viewers.

Exciting and Competitive LCS Spring Split: A New Era for North American League of Legends

Increased Competitiveness

Fans have praised the 2024 LCS Spring Split for its increased competitiveness. Unlike previous seasons, there are no longer any 'easy teams' or 'easy wins'. This has made the matches much more enjoyable and intense.

Memorable Matches

Week three and four of the Spring Split have been filled with thrilling matches and exciting results. The match between 100 Thieves and Cloud9, which lasted 46 minutes, has been hailed as the highlight of the season so far. The close standings between Team Liquid and NRG heading into the penultimate week have also added to the excitement.

Improved Performance

The reduction to eight teams in the league has been credited with leveling up the region. Fans believe that this change, along with a focus on the NA Challenger pipeline and smarter roster construction, has led to improved performance from each squad.

International Expectations

While the region has shown significant improvement domestically, the true test will be how North American teams perform on the international stage. The Mid-Season Invitational in London in mid-March will provide a clear indication of where NA stands compared to the rest of the League world.

Adaptation and Variety

The switch to live patch play has forced teams to adapt quickly, resulting in a variety of different champions being used in matches. This has added an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay.

Entertaining Broadcast

Fans have not only enjoyed the gameplay but also the LCS broadcast. The off-server content between series has been particularly entertaining and has contributed to the overall positive experience for viewers.

Concerns and Future

However, there are concerns that the mid-season break, due to Riot Games sharing its studio with the VALORANT Champions Tour NA Kickoff, may disrupt the momentum and viewership of the league.


With two weeks remaining in the regular LCS split, anticipation is building for the Spring Split playoffs and the opportunity for two teams to secure tickets to London's MSI. The new era of North American competitive League of Legends has brought about a positive change, and fans are hopeful for a successful international performance.

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