February 15, 2024

Apex Legends 5th Anniversary: Exciting Challenges, Exclusive Bundles, and New Skins Await!

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Apex Legends is celebrating its fifth anniversary in style, with exciting gifts and events for players. From new challenges to a community-created reward tracker, Legendary skins, and an exclusive event store, there's plenty to look forward to.

Apex Legends 5th Anniversary: Exciting Challenges, Exclusive Bundles, and New Skins Await!

The Biggest Event Yet

According to fans, the fifth-anniversary event is one of the biggest in the game's history. It coincides with Valentine's Day and the start of the new season, Breakout. The Breakout season brings challenges that unlock Legends every few weeks, with Seer taking the spotlight during the Anniversary event.

Exclusive Event Store

The Anniversary event introduces an exclusive Event Store, divided into four parts. Each part features different bundles, including Seer's Fashion Forward pack bundle and Crypto's Low Profile pack bundle. These bundles come with unique skins and Apex Packs, offering players a chance to enhance their collection.

Squad Skins and Cosmetics

In addition to new skins and Valentine's Day skins, Respawn is bringing back previous anniversary squad skins. Players can expect a variety of bundles in the Event Store, including Hyped Healer Bundle, Jaeger Bundle, Net Runner Bundle, Hot Potato, Butterfly Barrage, Bloody Buccaneer Bundle, Necro-Smasher, Cyber Warfare Bundle, Spread Your Wings, Best Friend Bundle, Bionic Brink Bundle, Limit Breaker Bundle, Deep Space Scientist Bundle, Head Over Heels, Sky Shuffle, Thrill of the Hunt, Cybernetic Survivalist Bundle, Soulless Sentry Bundle, Nevermore, and Data Leak.

Anniversary Collection Rewards

Completing the Anniversary Collection rewards players with 150 Heirloom Shards. These shards can be used to unlock the Heirloom or a preferred Prestige Skin, adding a special touch to their gameplay experience.

New Skins and Cosmetics

The Anniversary event introduces a range of new skins and cosmetics for various Legends and weapons. Some notable additions include Tactical Marksman for Bangalore, Lunar Elegance for Catalyst, Low Profile for Crypto, Tactical Artillery for Fuse, Skeleton Key for Loba, Tin Man for Mirage, Tick-Tock for Octane, Retro-Bot for Pathfinder, Fashion Forward for Seer, Tactical Recon for Valkyrie, Electric Incognito for Wattson, and Shrouded Celebrant for Wraith. Additionally, there are new Epic skins for Alternator, Volt, and 30-30, such as Iridescence Alternator, Marvel of Mayhem Volt, and Retro Green 30-30.


Apex Legends' fifth anniversary celebration is a must-attend event for players. With exciting challenges, exclusive bundles, and a wide range of new skins and cosmetics, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on the Anniversary Collection rewards and the chance to enhance your gameplay experience. Join the celebration and make your mark in Apex Legends!

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