November 15, 2023

The Rise of Esports in Germany: Millions of Viewers and Active Participants

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The Rise of Esports in Germany: Millions of Viewers and Active Participants

Germany is experiencing a surge in the popularity of esports, with millions of people tuning in to watch tournaments and matches. According to a survey conducted by game – The German Games Industry Association and YouGov, nearly a quarter of Germans have already watched an esports tournament, which amounts to around 16 million people. This number has increased by over 4 million since 2020.

Growing Interest Among the Younger Generation

Esports has particularly captured the interest of the younger generation in Germany. Almost half of 16-24-year-olds and 45% of 25-34-year-olds have indulged in esports broadcasts. Furthermore, 27% of viewers have their favorite esports teams, which they passionately follow.

Increasing Participation in Esports

It's not just about watching esports; many gamers in Germany are actively participating in esports competitions. Approximately a quarter of all gamers, or 10 million people, have joined esports competitions, whether it's LAN parties or online leagues. Among 25-34-year-old gamers, more than 4 out of 10 have jumped into the esports action. This is a significant increase from the 18% participation rate in 2020.

Recognition and Support

Esports in Germany are gaining recognition and support from various sources. Successful esports organizations like BIG, G2 esports, and SK Gaming have put Germany on the map in the global esports scene. The phenomenon of esports has become a crowd-puller in the country, with several federal states recognizing its potential. For example, Schleswig-Holstein has official state championships and a funded esports regional center, while North Rhine-Westphalia supports its own talent team through the esports player foundation. Munich is even hosting the 2024 League of Legends EMEA Championship, a tournament that Bayern actively vied for. This kind of political support is essential in making Germany more attractive to gamers and fans.

In conclusion, esports has become an integral part of media consumption in Germany, with millions of viewers and active participants. The younger generation is particularly drawn to esports, and the country is witnessing a surge in both viewership and participation. With the recognition and support from various sources, Germany is becoming an enticing destination for gamers and fans alike.

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