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October 29, 2023

The International 12: Europe vs China - Battle for the Grand Finals

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It's the final day of The International 12, and only two series are left to determine the finalists. Currently, three teams are still in the running. Team Spirit secured their place in the Grand Finals with a convincing 2-0 victory against LGD Gaming. Yatoro's exceptional performance as Morphling in Game 2 played a crucial role in their success.

The International 12: Europe vs China - Battle for the Grand Finals

LGD Gaming's Last Chance

LGD Gaming, despite their loss, still has one more opportunity to make it to the finals. However, they face a formidable opponent in Gaimin Gladiators. Gaimin Gladiators have had a remarkable journey in this year's tournament, overcoming various challenges to reach this stage.

Europe's Dominance

Europe has been a dominant force in Dota 2, winning every iteration of The International since 2015. Western EU, eastern EU, and China are considered the strongest regions in the game. While Europe has consistently performed well on the international stage, China still has the potential to cause an upset.

LGD Gaming's Unexpected Journey

LGD Gaming's entry into the tournament as an underdog surprised many. This year has been challenging for them, especially with the absence of key players like XinQ. LGD Gaming has also faced disappointment in previous TI Grand Finals against OG and Team Spirit. However, this could be their opportunity to shine.

The Likely Finalists

Despite the desire for an interregional final, it is highly likely that Gaimin Gladiators will secure a spot in the Grand Finals. They have consistently performed well throughout the year, and their TI performance is no exception. While they faced a setback against Talon Esports, dyrachyo's exceptional skills make them a formidable opponent for Yatoro. On the other hand, Team Spirit has been preparing for this moment since Riyadh Masters and has shown remarkable progress. Known as the Kings of the Comeback, they are a strong contender for a second TI title.


As The International 12 reaches its climax, the battle between Europe and China intensifies. With Gaimin Gladiators and Team Spirit vying for a spot in the Grand Finals, the excitement is palpable. Regardless of the outcome, this tournament showcases the skill and determination of the world's top Dota 2 teams. Stay tuned for the highlights of The International 12!

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