October 27, 2023

Intense Competition and Reflections at Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

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The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage continues to bring intense competition and eliminations. Yesterday, Cloud9 from North America was eliminated by Fnatic from Europe, followed by MAD Lions being eliminated by Weibo Gaming.

Intense Competition and Reflections at Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

After the series, Blaber from Cloud9 and Humanoid from Fnatic spoke to the media to reflect on the series and share their thoughts on Worlds 2023.

Blaber's Reflections

Blaber expressed his disappointment in losing the series and acknowledged the mistakes he made. He also mentioned that his team struggled to make the right decisions when under pressure. Despite feeling prepared in terms of draft, Blaber admitted that their gameplay throughout the tournament was not up to par.

Blaber emphasized the importance of mental strength in a long tournament like Worlds. He highlighted the need for teammates to support each other and maintain strong mental resilience.

Although Cloud9 has been eliminated, Blaber still believes that NRG, the remaining first seed from the LCS, has a chance to succeed. He expressed his support for NRG and will be cheering them on for the rest of the tournament.

Humanoid's Reflections

On the winning side, Humanoid from Fnatic also had some reservations about his team's performance. He acknowledged that if they were to face Asian teams, who are ranked higher in the LoL Worlds Power Rankings, they would need to improve their performance.

However, after losing the opening game to Cloud9, Humanoid felt that immediate adaptation was not necessary. He believed that sticking to their normal style would lead them to victory.

When asked about his preferred opponents, Humanoid mentioned NRG and expressed his confidence in facing them after their potential loss to G2. He also mentioned that he would like to face mid laners Chovy and Knight, considering them to be the best in their role.

Looking ahead to the final round of the Swiss stage, Humanoid identified the early game as an area that Fnatic needs to improve. He acknowledged that they have been falling behind and losing Rift Heralds, and emphasized the importance of the first 8 minutes of the game.


As the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage progresses, teams are reflecting on their performances and setting expectations for future series. Blaber highlighted the importance of mental strength, while Humanoid acknowledged the need for improvement in certain areas of gameplay. With the tournament still ongoing, fans can look forward to exciting matches and the determination of teams to secure their spot in the knockouts.

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