November 15, 2023

Zoelys: Rising Support Player Joins Infinite Reality's LEC Team

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French player Théo “Zoelys” Le Scornec is set to join the LEC as a rookie support player for Infinite Reality’s team in 2024. Zoelys, who previously played in the EMEA Masters, has reached a verbal agreement with Infinite Reality’s Team in the LoL EMEA Championship (LEC).

Zoelys: Rising Support Player Joins Infinite Reality's LEC Team

Rising from the ERL Ecosystem

Zoelys’ move to the LEC marks another player making the jump from the ERL ecosystem to the premiere European league. According to a report by Sheep Esports, Zoelys was one of the most sought-after support players in the offseason. He was considered by Worlds participant Fnatic before they signed Korean import Jun, and Karmine Corp had plans to add him to their LFL Academy team.

Previous Experience

In 2023, Zoelys played as the starting support for LDLC OL in the LFL, winning the domestic title in Spring and reaching the top 8 at EMEA Masters Spring. However, the team struggled in the Summer split, finishing 9th in the standings. After LDLC OL ended their partnership with Olympique Lyonnais and exited the esports scene, Zoelys became a free agent.

Joining Karmine Corp

Zoelys briefly joined Karmine Corp to play in the Coupe de France, alongside veteran player Jiizuke and head coach Yamatocannon. However, he is now set to join Infinite Reality’s LEC team as the starting support player.

Building the Roster

Infinite Reality’s LEC team is slowly finalizing its lineup for next year. Alongside Zoelys, the team has already confirmed the renewal of mid laner Larssen and the addition of jungler Markoon. ADC player Comp is still under contract with the organization, and it is likely that he will be paired with Zoelys in the bot lane. The top lane position is yet to be confirmed.


Zoelys’ move to the LEC highlights the growing trend of players rising from the ERL ecosystem to compete in the premiere European league. With his previous success in the LFL and EMEA Masters, Zoelys brings valuable experience to Infinite Reality’s team. Fans can look forward to seeing him in action alongside his new teammates in the upcoming season.

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