February 15, 2024

Xbox's Exclusive Titles Heading to Other Consoles: Starfield and Indiana Jones Remain Exclusive

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In an official Xbox podcast, head Phil Spencer confirmed that four previously exclusive Xbox titles will be heading to other consoles. While the titles were not named, it was clarified that both the highly anticipated Bethesda flagship title Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones game will remain exclusive to Xbox.

Xbox's Exclusive Titles Heading to Other Consoles: Starfield and Indiana Jones Remain Exclusive

The Four Titles

According to Xbox insider Tom Warren of The Verge, the four titles reportedly making their way to other consoles are Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded. Two of these games, Sea of Thieves and Grounded, are described as 'community-driven, service-based games' that Xbox plans to continue investing in. The other two, Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, are smaller games that were not originally intended to be platform exclusives.

Cross-Play and Cross-Save

Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty mentioned that efforts are being made to ensure cross-play and cross-save functionality for these titles. This means that players on different platforms will be able to play together and transfer their progress seamlessly.

Exclusivity and the Future

Spencer emphasized that the decision to bring these four titles to other platforms does not signify a change in Xbox's exclusive strategy. However, he also expressed his belief that exclusive games will become a smaller part of the industry in the next five to ten years. He cautioned players on Switch and PS5 not to assume that more games will be released on their platforms, stating that these four titles are not indicative of a broader trend.

Game Pass Expansion

In addition to the announcement about the four titles, it was revealed that Activision Blizzard titles will soon be available on Xbox Game Pass. This expansion of the subscription service will provide players with even more gaming options.


Xbox's decision to release four exclusive titles on other consoles marks a significant shift in their approach. While maintaining their commitment to exclusivity, they are also recognizing the importance of expanding their reach and providing players with more options. The inclusion of cross-play and cross-save functionality further enhances the gaming experience for players on different platforms. As the industry evolves, it is clear that exclusive games will play a diminishing role, but Xbox remains dedicated to delivering quality gaming experiences to its players.

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