June 6, 2024

Wizards of the Coast Unveils Secret Lair-Style Artwork for MTG Pro Tour Promo Cards

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Key Takeaways

  • The 2024-2025 MTG Pro Tour season will feature Secret Lair-style artwork for its promo cards.
  • The US region will see an increase in Regional Championships, going from one to two.
  • Players can obtain these special promo cards by participating in various tournaments and championships.

Wizards of the Coast is taking Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Pro Tour promos to a new level for the 2024-2025 season, tapping into a portfolio of popular artists to adorn these cards with Secret Lair-style artwork. This artistic choice is not just a visual treat but a strategic one, aiming to captivate both players and collectors alike.

Wizards of the Coast Unveils Secret Lair-Style Artwork for MTG Pro Tour Promo Cards

The Art That's Shaking Up the MTG Pro Tour

The upcoming season's promo cards, including Seasoned Pyromancer, Sleight of Hand, Supreme Verdict, and Nexus of Fate, are getting a Secret Lair makeover. This approach has stirred mixed reactions within the MTG community. While some applaud the aesthetic elevation, others find the elaborate designs a tad overwhelming, especially when it compromises the legibility of the text. Nevertheless, the unique art style typically commands a higher resale value, which might be a consolation for the naysayers.

How to Snag These Limited-Edition Gems

For those eager to get their hands on these exclusive promo cards, hereā€™s what you need to know:

  • Seasoned Pyromancer will be the prize promo card at the first US Pro Tour Regional Championship, happening at SCG CON from October 4 to 6. Participation guarantees a non-foil version, with top finishers receiving a traditional foil variant.
  • Supreme Verdict and Sleight of Hand will be up for grabs during the Regional Championship MTG Pro Tour qualifiers (RCQ) at Wizard Play Network (WPN) stores. Players can earn a non-foil Sleight of Hand for competing, while top finishers will secure a non-foil Supreme Verdict. Qualifiers for the second MTG Pro Tour Regional Championship will be rewarded with a foil Supreme Verdict.
  • The second Regional Championship, slated between January and March, will offer a non-foil Nexus of Fate to all competitors, with top finishers also receiving a foil version.

Community's Mixed Feelings

The MTG community's reception to the Secret Lair promo cards is polarized. A segment appreciates the artistic leap, viewing these cards as collectible art pieces more than gameplay tools. Others, however, express concerns over practicality, pointing out the potential for gameplay confusion due to the unconventional designs. Despite these diverging opinions, the success of Secret Lair drops in recent years suggests a continued trend towards these artistic ventures.

Final Thoughts

Wizards of the Coast's decision to infuse the 2024-2025 MTG Pro Tour promo cards with Secret Lair-style artwork is a bold move, blending the worlds of art and gaming in a way that's sure to leave a mark. Whether you're in it for the gameplay, the collectibility, or both, these cards are a testament to the evolving landscape of MTG, where art and strategy collide. For more details on how to participate in the upcoming tournaments and secure your promo cards, head over to the WotC website.

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