February 13, 2024

Warzone Update: Quick Fix Perk Adjusted to Address Gas Exploit

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Warzone has recently made an update to the Quick Fix perk, addressing an issue that allowed players to stay in the gas for longer periods than intended. This update comes as part of the MW3 season two update on Feb. 7.

Warzone Update: Quick Fix Perk Adjusted to Address Gas Exploit

The Issue

Previously, players discovered a game-breaking loophole by combining the Irradiated and Quick Fix perks. Quick Fix, which regenerates health after killing an enemy or inserting a plate, allowed players to stay in the gas indefinitely by continuously replacing armor plates whenever their health got low.

The Temporary Removal

Upon discovering this exploit, Raven Software temporarily removed the Quick Fix perk from Warzone. This was done to maintain fair gameplay and address the unintended advantage gained by players.

The Updated Perk

Now, Raven Software has announced that the Quick Fix perk has been added back to Warzone. However, there is a significant change - the perk will no longer regenerate health in the gas after replacing an armor plate. This adjustment ensures that players cannot exploit the combination of perks to gain an unfair advantage.

The Impact

With this update, players who prefer aggressive gameplay and enjoy engaging in gunfights will still find Quick Fix valuable. The perk continues to regenerate operator health after an enemy kill, allowing players to chain multiple kills together without needing to recover. Additionally, the season two update has improved health regeneration speeds, making Quick Fix even more effective.

Other Perk Options

While Quick Fix may regain popularity, many community members may still prefer using Cold-Blooded or Tempered in the third perk slot. These options provide different advantages and playstyles, and it remains to be seen if Irradiated will be used more frequently than other perk choices like Double Time or Sleight of Hand.

In conclusion, the recent update to the Quick Fix perk in Warzone removes the ability to regenerate health in the gas, addressing an exploit that allowed players to stay in the gas indefinitely. This adjustment ensures fair gameplay and provides a more balanced experience for all players.

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