February 13, 2024

Unlock America in Infinite Craft: Crafting Recipe and Possibilities

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In Infinite Craft, you have the opportunity to create various countries, including America. By following a simple crafting recipe, you can unlock America and explore its possibilities. This guide will walk you through the steps to create America in Infinite Craft.

Unlock America in Infinite Craft: Crafting Recipe and Possibilities

Crafting Recipe

To create America in Infinite Craft, you will need two key ingredients: Rainbow and Continent. Combining these two elements will result in America. Although the reason behind this combination is unknown, it has been proven to be the easiest and quickest method.

Creating Continent

Before you can make America, you need to create Continent. Follow these steps to obtain Continent:

  1. Start with Water.
  2. Combine two Waters to create Lake.
  3. Combine two Lakes to create Ocean.
  4. Combine Earth and Ocean to create Island.
  5. Combine Island and Earth to create Continent.

Creating Rainbow

Next, you will need to create a Rainbow. Follow these steps:

  1. Combine Water and Fire to create Steam.
  2. Combine Steam and Water to create Cloud.
  3. Combine Cloud and Water to create Rain.
  4. Combine Rain and Cloud to create Rainbow.

Unlocking America

Once you have obtained both the Rainbow and Continent, you are ready to unlock America. Simply combine the two elements together, and you will have successfully created America in Infinite Craft.

Further Possibilities

After creating America, you can experiment with combining it with other ingredients to discover new combinations. Here are a few funny possibilities to consider:

  • America + Pizza = Freedom Feast
  • America + Football = Super Bowl
  • America + Statue = Liberty Landmark


Infinite Craft offers the exciting opportunity to create your own countries, including America. By following the crafting recipe and combining Rainbow and Continent, you can unlock America and explore its potential. Get creative and discover new combinations to enhance your Infinite Craft experience.

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