November 1, 2023

Understanding the Changes in CS2 Ranks: A Guide to Climbing the Leaderboards

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CS2 has introduced a new ranking system with some important differences from CS:GO. If you're aiming for higher CS2 ranks, it's crucial to understand these changes before diving into Competitive matches. This article will provide you with pointers, tips, and tricks to help you start your Competitive climb on the right track.

Understanding the Changes in CS2 Ranks: A Guide to Climbing the Leaderboards

Changes in CS2 Ranks

The new CS2 ranking system brings about significant changes compared to CS:GO. The most noticeable change is the removal of named tiers like Silver, Gold Nova, or Global Elite. Instead, CS2 now uses a transparent ELO system, where a single number represents the total points you've earned towards climbing the leader board.

Another major change is the introduction of two separate leader boards: Competitive and Premier.

Competitive CS2 Ranks

Competitive CS2 ranks function similarly to CS:GO. After completing a set number of placement games, you will be placed into matches based on your rank. However, unlike before, your rank in Competitive CS2 is no longer an overall rank for all maps. Instead, you will have a separate rank for each map you've played on.

These CS2 Ranks come with individual leader boards for each map. If you have dedicated time to mastering a specific map, such as Nuke, you can showcase your rating on the Nuke leader board in Competitive CS2.

Premier CS2 Ranks

In Premier CS2, you have the option to pursue an overall rank for your gameplay, similar to how it was in CS:GO. However, Premier introduces a tournament-style draft pick/ban system for maps, resembling the strategies used by CS2 Pro Players in professional matches.

The rank you achieve in Premier CS2 is called your CS Rating. It is unlocked after winning your 10th Premier match and is no longer divided into ranks like in CS:GO. Instead, CS2 now uses an ELO system ranging from 0 ELO to 35000 ELO, categorized into 7 colors. For more detailed information, refer to the table below to understand how your CS2 Ranks compare to CS:GO.

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