February 15, 2024

Unbalanced PvP and Runes: Challenges in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

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The second phase of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery has faced criticism from players due to the unbalanced state of PvP in Stranglethorn Vale. Certain classes have the ability to quickly defeat their opponents, leading to frustration among fans. This has raised concerns about the overall balance of the season.

Unbalanced PvP and Runes: Challenges in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

The Unbalanced Addition of Runes

A Reddit user, u/frogvscrab, highlighted the reasons why Season of Discovery cannot achieve proper balance. They pointed out that the introduction of additional spells through Runes has only worsened the imbalance in the game. This sentiment is shared by many players.

Neglected Issues and Unviable Specs

Rather than addressing existing problems, Season of Discovery has introduced new features that require balancing. The developers have failed to address the overpowered nature of Warriors in the base game, and instead focused on making other classes stronger through Runes. This has resulted in Warriors becoming even stronger, while other classes and specs have been left behind. For example, Elemental Shamans continue to struggle and fall behind other classes in terms of DPS.

Rampant One-Shot Problem

Season of Discovery has also brought about a prevalent issue of one-shot kills. While burst damage is expected in PvP, the addition of Runes has exacerbated this problem. Priests, Druids, and other specs have the ability to easily eliminate players with their powerful attacks. Furthermore, the introduction of Runes has made class rotations clunky and unintuitive, deviating from their original design.

Insignificant Talents and the Dominance of Runes

Talents in Season of Discovery offer little value compared to the power of Runes. Many talents seem irrelevant and out of place. For instance, Shamans have access to the powerful Lava Burst Rune, while investing talent points in Lightning Mastery only provides a minor reduction in spell cast time. This imbalance further highlights the dominance of Runes over talents.

The Limitations of Balance Patches

Blizzard's approach to balancing WoW Classic through Runes instead of addressing the core spells and talents has hindered the ability to achieve true balance. The developers should have focused on tweaking the original mechanics of WoW Classic while staying true to its spirit, rather than relying on temporary fixes. The game's age and the addition of new elements have made it challenging to achieve a harmonious blend.


World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery's second phase has faced criticism due to the unbalanced state of PvP and the introduction of Runes. The neglect of existing issues, the prevalence of one-shot kills, the dominance of Runes over talents, and the limitations of balance patches have all contributed to the challenges faced by the season. It is clear that a more comprehensive approach is needed to address these concerns and ensure a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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