October 27, 2022

The World of Betsson Esports Betting

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To help Betsson Group expand its online sportsbook into the United States, payment processor Nuvei has partnered with the Swedish gambling company. In Colorado, Betsson has established a business that goes by the name Betsafe. Players can automatically deposit money into their gaming accounts from their bank accounts using Nuvei's instant bank transfer facility.

The World of Betsson Esports Betting

Instant withdrawals, which allow players to get their wins instantly and around-the-clock into their bank accounts, are another perk for players. When the initial transaction is finished, Nuvei also tokenizes the players' financial information so they can deposit money or request payouts using a "one-click" payment mechanism.

With the collaboration, Betsson joins a growing group of esport betting sites and other bookies that use Nuvei for their payment requirements. Due to Nuvei's integration with The Clearing House's real-time payments network, gamers can instantaneously deposit money into and withdraw funds from their gaming wallet to their bank accounts through this relationship.

According to Nuvei's chair and CEO Philip Fayer, instant, easy deposits and real-time payments are vitally necessary to satisfy American players' needs for their best esports betting sites. In the exciting and quickly evolving U.S. gaming market as of 2022, the payment provider has worked with some of the most prominent operators, including Betsson.

Betsson Wins Big at The Swedish Gambling Awards 2022

At the Swedish Gambling Awards, broadcast live by the industry groups SPER and BOS, Betsson was presented with the new Customer Satisfaction - Marketing award. These honors recognize the commendable projects, groups, and leaders who have enhanced accountability and sustained growth within the gambling sector.

While the sector brings joy and amusement to many people in Sweden, specific issues still need to be resolved. The volume and aggressiveness of gambling advertising are the things that frequently draw a great deal of criticism. Therefore, for the first time, the Swedish Gambling Awards have added a brand-new category: Customer Satisfaction - Marketing. 

Betsson won this award due to their web series Fimpen's Resa, which translates to Fimpens Journey, which has genuinely won the hearts of Swedish sports fans.

Why Was Betsson Victorious?

The jury cited the following when announcing Betsson as the winner: In a world where marketing frequently equates with commercials and short-sighted conversion that runs the risk of escalating the ad overload, Betsson chose to produce high-quality content that the average viewer watches for an impressive 17 minutes in a row. 

Given that the program is now in its fourth year, it is clear that this is a long-term strategy that benefits both Betsson and its viewers. Beyond speedy winnings and bonuses, it fosters an emotional bond with Betsson. After making an impression, Betsson "hockey clubbed" the jury as the victors. This is why the best esports bookie reviewers have so many positive reviews about Betsson.

What Does This Award Mean to The Bookmaker?

The winner, Robin Olenius, PR Manager at Betsson, expressed their happiness at taking home the prize in the face of stiff competition. In their opinion, what they came up with in partnership with Fimpens Resa truly stands out as a best practice for how a betting operator may provide value by subtly communicating. 

The company produces high-quality material that appeals to and engages hockey lovers nationwide. As a result, they are honored to get this kind of recognition at the Swedish Gambling Awards in a frequently criticized sector for its aggressive promotion.

Bettson Issues Bonds to Raise 90 Million Euros

The three-year bonds, worth $90 million, were issued by Betsson, Swedish online gaming and sportsbook. They were set to mature in June 2025. Betsson did not specify how the funds will be utilized, but they come as the company seeks to grow in recently regulated North American markets.

The bonds' interest rate is fixed at 6.5% plus three months of the common interest rate benchmark, the EU interbank standard rate (EURIBOR). Martin Ahman, the Chief Financial Officer, expressed his satisfaction at the substantial interest shown in the company's new bond by a broad spectrum of investors, including Nordic and international institutions. 

The CFO felt that the action demonstrates trust in their corporate strategy, which continues to produce consistent cash flows and profitable growth.

Additionally, Betsson disclosed the outcomes of its tender offer to the holders of the firm's outstanding bonds worth SEK 1 billion (£79 million, $97 million, or €93 million), which are scheduled to mature in late September. The offer, due to end on June 15, 2022, is equivalent to 100.5% of each bond's nominal value plus accrued and unpaid interest.

Pontus Wernbloom Becomes a Member of Betsson

Betsson hired the football star Pontus Wernbloom as its new brand ambassador to keep producing the best content in Sweden's gaming sector. Wernbloom, whose career was just over, will be a part of Betsson's ongoing investment in Swedish and football sports. For hockey and tennis and padel, Betsson already works with Christian "Fimpen" Eklund and Jonas Björkman.

Pontus Wernbloom played for AZ Alkmaar in the Netherlands, CSKA Moscow in Russia, and PAOK in Greece until deciding to call it a career in 2021 at IFK Gothenburg. He now has a new position as a partner with Betsson, where he will participate in the company's activities around football and many other sports-related initiatives and productions, among other things.

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