November 25, 2023

The Walking Dead Crossover: Rick Grimes and Michonne Joining Call of Duty?

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There is speculation about a potential collaboration between Call of Duty and The Walking Dead. Recent findings by dataminers suggest that a Walking Dead-themed crossover may be in the works. This crossover is expected to feature popular characters Rick Grimes and Michonne from the series.

The Walking Dead Crossover: Rick Grimes and Michonne Joining Call of Duty?

Activision Blizzard's History of Crossovers

Activision Blizzard has a track record of incorporating various pop culture icons into Call of Duty. From television and movie stars to music artists, the game has seen numerous crossover events. Surprisingly, The Walking Dead franchise, which is widely recognized as a global phenomenon in the zombie apocalypse genre, has not been featured in Call of Duty until now.

Likelihood of Rick Grimes and Michonne Joining Call of Duty

Considering the success of Rick Grimes and Michonne as character skins in Fortnite, it is highly plausible that they could become Operators in Call of Duty. Rick Grimes has also made an appearance in Dying Light 2 as a 'Legendary Outfit,' albeit based on the comic book version of the character. In terms of gameplay, Michonne's katana, a weapon that has become iconic since her introduction in season three of The Walking Dead, could be her special weapon in Call of Duty. Additionally, Rick Grimes' signature Colt Python revolver could be incorporated into the game.

The Ones Who Live: A New Series

On February 25, 2024, a new series titled 'The Ones Who Live' will premiere, featuring Rick Grimes and Michonne. The show follows Michonne's journey across post-apocalyptic America to find Rick Grimes, who disappeared from the original series in March 2019. Originally planned as a movie, the decision to turn it into a series aligns with the growing trend of spin-off stories within The Walking Dead franchise.

The Growing Trend of Crossover Events

Call of Duty has been embracing crossover events more frequently, introducing unexpected characters and franchises into the game. Lara Croft, Nicki Minaj, Evil Dead, Diablo, Dune, The Boys, Terminator, King Kong, Godzilla, John Rambo, and John McClane are just a few examples of the diverse crossovers that have taken place. This trend began in 2014 with the inclusion of Michael Myers and Predator as playable characters in Call of Duty: Ghosts through downloadable content.


The possibility of a Walking Dead-themed crossover in Call of Duty, featuring Rick Grimes and Michonne, is an exciting prospect. With Activision Blizzard's history of successful crossovers and the popularity of The Walking Dead franchise, it seems like a natural fit. As more and more crossover events continue to surprise players, the future of Call of Duty remains unpredictable. Stay tuned to for the latest news on Call of Duty.

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