February 14, 2024

The Saga of Selen Tatsuki: Termination, Resilience, and Independence

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Since late December 2023, the VTuber community has been captivated by the ongoing saga of Selen Tatsuki and NIJISANJI EN. Selen Tatsuki, a talented streamer and member of NIJISANJI EN's second wave of VTuber talent, quickly rose to popularity with her energetic personality and impressive gaming skills. However, her journey took a sudden turn when NIJISANJI EN terminated her contract on February 5, 2024.

The Saga of Selen Tatsuki: Termination, Resilience, and Independence

Who is Selen Tatsuki?

Selen Tatsuki, known for her chaotic and competitive nature, became one of NIJISANJI EN's most beloved streamers. With over 800,000 YouTube subscribers and 130,000 Twitch followers, she was a force to be reckoned with in the VTuber community. Her sudden termination left fans wondering what had transpired.

The Termination

NIJISANJI EN and ANYCOLOR, the parent company, released a statement on Twitter announcing the termination of Selen Tatsuki's contract. The company cited repeated breaches of contract, misleading statements on social platforms, non-compliance with rights confirmation, and ongoing reports of inappropriate behavior as the main reasons for their decision. However, the specifics of these claims remain vague, with only two examples provided.

Controversies and Conflicting Claims

One of the cited examples was a warning given to Selen in May 2023 for making misleading statements that could damage the company's reputation. The second example involved a celebratory cover of LilyPichu's Last Cup of Coffee, which Selen released as a Christmas gift to her community. NIJISANJI claimed that Selen proceeded with the unauthorized posting of the cover, while Selen and other sources, including LilyPichu herself, disputed this claim.

Selen's Hospitalization and Allegations

Selen revealed that she was hospitalized after the music video issues, citing an accident. However, following her termination, she clarified that she was actually hospitalized for an attempt, likely referring to a suicide attempt. She attributed this to internal bullying and a toxic environment within NIJISANJI EN. Concerns were also raised about NIJISANJI's control over Selen's private Twitter account, where statements regarding her hospitalization were made without clarification that they were not from the streamer herself.

NIJISANJI's Response

NIJISANJI has not publicly acknowledged Selen since her termination, except for a statement to ANYCOLOR shareholders noting that the financial impact of her contract termination would be negligible. However, the treatment of Selen has led to negative consequences for the company, including a drop in stock value and the termination of collaborative projects by other companies and individuals.

The Aftermath

Selen, now using her personal account DokiBird, has gained a significant following since her termination. Her YouTube channel has surpassed 500,000 subscribers, and she is embracing her newfound independence as an independent creator. She plans to focus on creating content without corporate restrictions and hopes to move forward in a positive and supportive community.

In conclusion, the saga of Selen Tatsuki and NIJISANJI EN is a story of termination and resilience. While the specifics of the termination remain unclear, Selen has found strength in her community and is determined to succeed as an independent creator. Let us support her and learn from this experience, promoting a culture of respect and understanding in the VTuber community.

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