October 31, 2023

The Future of Xbox Fighting Game Tournaments: The Impact of Banning Third-Party Controllers

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Contrary to popular belief, PC gaming does not dominate the world of fighting games esports. While PC offers higher frame rates, most 2D fighters do not require such demanding hardware. This means that even the best fighting games can be played on consoles without significant downgrades. This is a major advantage for competitive players. However, a recent rule change by Xbox threatens to remove itself from the equation entirely.

The Future of Xbox Fighting Game Tournaments: The Impact of Banning Third-Party Controllers

Xbox Fighting Game Controllers Facing Ban

Xbox owners have recently encountered a new error code, 0x82d60002, when using certain accessories. According to reports, this error is just the beginning. Microsoft is planning to completely block third-party accessories in the near future. This raises concerns about the future of Xbox fighting games.

The Controversy Surrounding Controllers

Controllers in fighting games have always been a topic of debate and controversy. Each player seems to have their own preferred gamepad, whether it's a standard controller, a fight stick, or even unconventional options like boxes or buster swords with buttons. The top players in Xbox fighting games use a variety of controllers based on their personal preference.

The Impact of Banning Third-Party Controllers

The ban on third-party controllers poses a significant challenge. If competitors in Xbox fighting game tournaments are not using the same standard gamepad or one of the few approved third-party controllers, they will be at a disadvantage. This restriction limits the options for players and may discourage participation.

The Future of Xbox Tournaments

These changes to Xbox fighting game controllers could have serious implications. Even if players are willing to use official controllers, the restriction on controller options may deter them from choosing Xbox as their platform of choice. As a result, Xbox fighting game tournaments may become extinct on a professional level. Many tournaments have already shifted their focus to PlayStation, especially since Sony acquired EVO. With this additional change, Xbox's presence in the fighting game community is at risk.

In conclusion, the ban on third-party controllers for Xbox fighting games raises concerns about the future of the platform in the esports scene. The restriction on controller options may lead to a decline in participation and the potential extinction of Xbox fighting game tournaments. Players and organizers will need to adapt to these changes and consider alternative platforms to ensure the continued growth and success of the fighting game community.

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