June 30, 2024

The Final Showdown: MH3 Pro Tour Amsterdam Recap

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Key Takeaways:

  • Nadu's Dominance: Modern Horizons 3's Nadu, Winged Wisdom, significantly influenced the Modern Constructed meta, with 62 competitors favoring Bant Nadu or Four-Color Nadu decks.
  • Top Eight Titans: Five Nadu decks, piloted by top players, reached the top eight, showcasing the card's dominance in the format.
  • Drama and Triumph: Amidst intense competition, Simon Nielsen emerged victorious, claiming the Pro Tour title with his Bant Nadu.
  • A Story of Resilience: Noteworthy performances by Noah Ma with Mono-Black Necro and former World Champion Javier Dominguez on Jeskai Control highlighted the diversity and strategic depth of the competition.
  • Historical Moment: A ceremony honoring Kai Budde's induction into the MTG Hall of Fame and Simon Nielsen's chase for a second Player of the Year award added emotional depth to the tournament.

The final Magic: The Gathering MH3 Pro Tour in Amsterdam was not just a tournament; it was a battleground where strategy, skill, and drama unfolded, captivating the esports and Magic community alike. The event was a melting pot of format-defining cards, top-tier competitors, and memorable moments that will be etched in the annals of MTG history.

The Final Showdown: MH3 Pro Tour Amsterdam Recap

Heading into the fray, Modern Horizons 3 (MH3) cards had already left an indelible mark on the Modern Constructed meta, particularly Nadu, Winged Wisdom, which became the linchpin of both Bant Nadu and Four-Color Nadu decks. Out of 243 competitors, a staggering 62 wielded the power of Nadu, showcasing the card's strategic significance. The dominance of Nadu was further underscored as five decks piloted by Eli Kassis, Sam Pardee, Jason Ye, Simon Nielsen, and Daniel Goetschel, advanced to the top eight, turning the tournament into a showcase of Nadu's might.

Amidst the Nadu dominance, compelling narratives of resilience and skill unfolded. Noah Ma and Seth Manfield, deviating from the Nadu trend, secured their top-eight positions with the formidable Mono-Black Necro. Their success highlighted the diversity and depth of strategies viable at the highest levels of competitive play. Similarly, former World Champion Javier Dominguez's journey to the top eight with Jeskai Control was nothing short of a rollercoaster, marked by a critical moment of sportsmanship and integrity when his opponent's misconduct nearly cost him the playoffs.

The MH3 Pro Tour was also a stage for celebrating legends, with a moving ceremony for MTG Hall of Fame player Kai Budde, whose name was forever etched into Magic history through the Player of the Year award. Simon Nielsen, a previous winner of this prestigious accolade, emerged as the champion of Amsterdam, adding another chapter to his storied career. Nielsen's victory sets the stage for his pursuit of a second Player of the Year title, a testament to his enduring skill and dedication to the game.

As the dust settles on the MH3 Pro Tour in Amsterdam, the focus of the Magic community shifts to the upcoming 2023-2024 Magic World Championship in Las Vegas. Scheduled to run from October 25 to 27, the championship promises to be a pinnacle of competitive MTG play, where the finest minds in the game will once again converge to battle for glory and etch their names alongside the legends of Magic: The Gathering.

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