February 14, 2024

Summoning Siegfried: Fusion Guide for Persona 3 Reload

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Persona 3 Reload introduces a variety of historical and mythological figures, including the legendary dragon-slayer Siegfried. In this guide, we will explain how to summon Siegfried into your party and provide the best fusion combinations to achieve this.

Summoning Siegfried: Fusion Guide for Persona 3 Reload

Summoning Siegfried

Siegfried represents the Strength Arcana and is associated with Yuko's Social Link. To fuse Siegfried, you must be at least level 54. He possesses a high Strength stat and powerful Slash skills, which are further enhanced by Charge and Slash Amp. Additionally, Siegfried is immune to Slash damage and resistant to Strike damage.

Fusion Requirements

To fuse Siegfried, you need to meet specific requirements. Firstly, you must reach level 54. Secondly, you must perform a Dyad Fusion using certain combinations of Personas. While there are multiple fusion options available, we recommend the following five combinations:

  1. Kaiwan (Star, level 42) and Rangda (Magician, level 50)
  2. Lachesis (Fortune, level 44) and Hariti (Empress, level 48)
  3. Shiki-Ouji (Chariot, level 45) and Hecatoncheires (Hanged, level 47)
  4. Kurama Tengu (Hermit, level 46) and Succubus (Devil, level 47)
  5. Quetzalcoatl (Sun, level 45) and Koumokuten (Chariot, level 52)

These combinations are relatively easy to obtain by the time you reach level 54.


By following the fusion requirements and using the recommended combinations, you can successfully summon Siegfried into your party. With his formidable strength and powerful skills, Siegfried will be a valuable asset in your battles. Good luck!

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