April 4, 2024

Sentinels Face 100 Thieves Minus In-Game Leader: VCT Americas Stage One Preview

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Key Takeaways

Sentinels Face 100 Thieves Minus In-Game Leader: VCT Americas Stage One Preview
  • Sentinels' in-game leader, Amine “johnqt” Ouarid, faces visa issues preventing his return to the U.S., possibly missing the match against 100 Thieves.
  • Sentinels may play with substitute Rahul “curry” Nemani or an unpracticed johnqt if he returns in time.
  • The team's success at Masters Madrid credits secondary calling by Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, indicating a potential strategy shift for the upcoming match.

Fresh off their triumph at Masters Madrid, Sentinels find themselves in a bind as they prepare to take on rivals 100 Thieves in the start of the VCT Americas stage one. The team may have to forge ahead without their pivotal in-game leader, Amine “johnqt” Ouarid, whose absence could reshape the dynamics of this highly anticipated match.

Visa Woes: A Hurdle for Sentinels

The crux of the issue lies in johnqt's inability to return to the United States, reportedly due to visa complications. This information surfaced through a stream by Sentinels' star player, TenZ, who also mentioned that johnqt has been keeping his skills sharp by streaming EU ranked gameplay. Despite these efforts, the absence of their in-game leader leaves Sentinels with a tough decision: to play with recently signed substitute Rahul “curry” Nemani or to hope for johnqt's last-minute return with no recent team practice.

Strategic Shifts and New Faces

With johnqt's participation hanging in the balance, Sentinels' strategy may witness a significant shift. The team has acknowledged the importance of Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro's secondary calling in their recent success at Masters Madrid. This spotlight on Zellsis could become more pronounced, marking a pivotal moment for the team's tactical approach.

The potential inclusion of curry in the official lineup would also mark his first pro match since December 2023, introducing fresh dynamics to Sentinels' gameplay.

The Pressure Is On

This turn of events places additional pressure on 100 Thieves, who are keen on seizing their first series win of the year. Having faced narrow defeats against both Leviatán and Sentinels during the Kickoff, 100T aims to capitalize on Sentinels' current predicament. However, history shows a challenging path ahead, with 100T trailing behind in their recent matchups against Sentinels.

Looking Ahead

Sentinels' upcoming face-off against 100 Thieves is slated for 7pm CT, Sunday, April 7, with the community eagerly awaiting the outcome. The team's resilience will be tested once more in their following match against Leviatán on Saturday, April 13. As Sentinels navigate through these challenges, the esports community stands by, anticipating how the team will adapt and whether they can maintain their winning streak despite the hurdles.

(First reported by: Dot Esports, TenZ's Stream)

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