February 14, 2024

Playing Last Epoch on the Steam Deck: Performance, Controller Support, and Limitations

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Last Epoch is the latest ARPG to hit the market, offering players a thrilling time-travel dungeon-crawling experience in the deadly world of Eterra. With its release on PC via Steam, many players are wondering if Last Epoch can be played on the portable Steam Deck. In this article, we will explore the possibilities and limitations of playing Last Epoch on the Steam Deck.

Playing Last Epoch on the Steam Deck: Performance, Controller Support, and Limitations

Playing Last Epoch on Steam Deck

Yes, it is possible to play Last Epoch on the Steam Deck. Last Epoch is available on PC through Steam, and players who have tested it on the Steam Deck have reported that it runs well, although with a few drawbacks.


Players have found that Last Epoch can reach 60 FPS on the Steam Deck when using reduced graphics settings and a smaller resolution of 1152x768. The game runs smoothly at this frame rate, and some players even prefer playing the ARPG on the Steam Deck.

If you are willing to sacrifice frame rate, you can boost the graphics settings or increase the resolution slightly to 30 or 45 FPS.

Controller Support

One major drawback that players have encountered is the lack of controller support on the Steam Deck. Currently, players cannot use the Steam Deck's controls in any menu, so a mouse is required for navigation. However, it is expected that better controller support will be available in the upcoming 1.0 update.


In conclusion, Last Epoch can be played on the Steam Deck, providing players with the opportunity to enjoy the game on the go. While there are some limitations, such as the need for a mouse for navigation and the current lack of controller support, the game runs well on the Steam Deck with reduced graphics settings. As the developers continue to improve the game, it is likely that these limitations will be addressed in future updates. So, if you're a fan of Last Epoch and own a Steam Deck, give it a try and experience the world of Eterra wherever you go!

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