November 3, 2022

Paf's Cloud Certification for Esport Bettors

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A wealth of websites give users the chance to gamble on their favorite video game tournaments. Readers can visit EsportRanker if they want to seek out the best esports betting sites available. Paf stands out due to its recent cloud certification. This development will likely attract esports bettors who want a reliable system interface.

Paf's Cloud Certification for Esport Bettors

Paf esports bookie runs on cloud technology. It allows the site to operate as efficiently as possible. In the past, esport bookies would have required expensive on-site servers. However, with cloud systems, the site can focus more of its budget on improving customer experience. Many bookmakers rely on third-party storage for this reason. 

Paf is one of the few esports firms to attain ISO 27017 certification. It is the highest verification available when it comes to excellence in cloud cyber security. It, therefore, makes sense that Paf could also see a surge in new customers in the years to come.

When a gambler is looking for the right esport betting sites, they will pick ones that match specific criteria. This can include offering great bonus promotions, a variety of esport markets, and 24/7 customer support. However, the most important factor will be safety. The gambler will be trusting the site with confidential data about their identity and banking details. 

The industry often cites licenses as a sign of legitimacy. If the customer wants an extra layer of security, they could pick Paf. Their recent cloud certification gives them an edge over rival esports bookmakers.

A Focus on Swedish Markets

On the other hand, there are signs that Paf will not attain a global audience base. This is due to their focus on gamblers based within Nordic countries. For example, in 2021, the company purchased brands that catered primarily to Swedish customers. As a result, Paf became the sixth largest gaming operator in the nation. 

During this period, Christer Fahlstedt, chief executive of Paf, stated that the firm would only take over gambling sites that encouraged responsible gambling. He also explained that such sites would need to have a fairly large and established customer base.

It is not a coincidence that Paf has targeted Sweden. Their headquarters is located in the Åland Islands, a territory that borders Sweden and Finland. Christer Fahlstedt has said that one key ambition of Paf is to become a "leading player in the Swedish licensed market." Therefore, esports betting fans based outside of Scandinavia may be disappointed.

Understanding Vulnerabilities

There are several reasons why Paf's recent cloud certification will be the envy of the esports betting industry. ISO 27017 verification involves analyzing potential vulnerabilities and coming up with viable solutions. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated. In order to tackle it, the bookmaker will need a code of practice that recognizes the latest threats. 

When cloud tech is utilized, the data of both customers and providers is at risk. Paf has stated that it regularly reviews its ISMS (Information Security Management System) so that it remains as effective as possible. Attaining certification from ISO shows that this site has exceptional tech security in place.

If another esports wagering website wants to mimic this success, it will first need to change its policies. This could involve an entire overhaul of the security system. Instead of waiting for their current bookie to improve their safety, the gambler might instead make the switch to Paf. However, as previously stated, the site primarily aims at people residing in Nordic nations.

Beyond Esports

It should also be emphasized that esports markets are just one aspect of Paf. The company also offers regular sports wagering and casino games including table games and slots. The esport betting section of their website only offers a selection of the more mainstream game titles. They include CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2. 

Paf will not appeal to those looking for a niche esport experience. Instead, it is aimed at gamblers who want an extensive website with the best possible cloud tech security.

Still a Large Market

The esports betting landscape remains expansive. Just because Paf has superior security certification, it does not mean that the majority of punters will flock to their site. There is too much saturation within the market for this to occur. Esports fans with specialist interests are spread across a wide range of websites.

It seems more likely that this recent news will force numerous bookmakers to improve their overall security. Luckily, legitimate sites are already fairly safe. It is rare but not impossible for these sites to suffer cyberattacks. 

Customers can protect themselves by choosing the right providers. This may be determined by reading reviews focused on their cloud system safety record. Paf has proven that modern-day esports bookies can be as safe as possible. Other firms could also copy this example.

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