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Optimizing Ship Selection in Skull and Bones: Size, Strength, and Strategy

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In the multiplayer pirate game Skull and Bones, players have access to a variety of ships. While many may believe that bigger is always better, this is not necessarily the case in the game.

Optimizing Ship Selection in Skull and Bones: Size, Strength, and Strategy

Ship Sizes

The ships in Skull and Bones range from extra small to medium size. Currently, there are 10 different ships available, with the possibility of more being added in the future. It is likely that some of these new ships will be designated as "large." However, the size of a ship in the game is not solely determined by its physical dimensions.

Ranking by Hull Health and Cargo Space

To determine the size of each ship in Skull and Bones, we have ranked them based on their maximum hull health and cargo space. While we do not have exact measurements of length and square footage, these factors provide a good indication of the ship's size.

Here is the ranking of the ships from biggest to smallest:

  1. Vanguard - Snow

    • Hull Health: 50,000
    • Cargo Space: 80,000
    • The Vanguard is the largest ship in Skull and Bones and is classified as a Tank-type ship in the medium category. It is built to endure and has the Tenacity perk, which allows for quick brace strength recovery.
  2. Bombardier - Padewakang

    • Hull Health: 37,000
    • Cargo Space: 70,000
    • The Bombardier Padewakang is a highly destructive ship in the game. Its Detonate perk gives players the ability to trigger massive explosions and deal extra damage to structures.
  3. Pyromaniac - Sambuk

    • Hull Health: 35,000
    • Cargo Space: 70,000
    • The Sambuk is a fiery menace on the seas. Its Scorched perk allows players to deal additional burning damage when they light a ship ablaze, which spreads to nearby enemy ships.
  4. Hullbreaker - Brigantine

    • Hull Health: 40,000
    • Cargo Space: 45,000
    • The Brigantine Hullbreaker may be the smallest of the medium-size ships, but it is perfect for players who enjoy ramming into enemies. Its Bullhorn perk allows for massive damage and applies Flooding to the enemy ship.
  5. Defender - Hulk

    • Hull Health: 30,000
    • Cargo Space: 46,000
    • The Defender, despite its nickname Hulk, is the largest of the small-class ships. It is another Tank-style ship, similar to the Vanguard.
  6. Blaster - Sloop

    • Hull Health: 25,000
    • Cargo Space: 40,000
    • The Blaster Sloop is a popular choice for players looking to upgrade from their starter ship. It is the largest of the small DPS ships and deals explosive damage.
  7. Firebrand - Barge

    • Hull Health: 27,000
    • Cargo Space: 30,000
    • The Firebrand Barge is a smaller ship with a fiery nature. It excels at lighting ships ablaze and spreading fire to other ships.
  8. Sentinel - Cutter

    • Hull Health: 21,000
    • Cargo Space: 26,000
    • The Sentinel is a long Support-style ship. While it may be smaller in size, it has the Unburden perk, which allows it to support other ships with fast damage restoration.
  9. Rammer - Bedar

    • Hull Health: 22,000
    • Cargo Space: 20,000
    • The Rammer is the first ship players build in Skull and Bones. It is a capable starting ship with decent hull health and cargo space.
  10. Dhow

*   Hull Health: 7,000
*   Cargo Space: 10,000
*   The Dhow is the only ship classified as extra small. It is essentially a makeshift raft used for hunting animals later in the game.


While size does play a role in the ships of Skull and Bones, it is not the sole determinant of a ship's capabilities. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses, and players should choose a ship that aligns with their preferred playstyle. Whether it's a massive tank or a nimble DPS ship, finding the right ship for your pirate adventures is key to success on the high seas.

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