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Optimize Your Persona 3 Reload Gameplay: Fusing Titania with Matarukaja

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In Persona 3 Reload, fusing a Titania with Matarukaja can be a valuable asset. This fusion is part of Elizabeth's requests, specifically her fourth request in the fusion series. With a total of 10 fusion requests, completing this request brings you closer to the end of this section.

Optimize Your Persona 3 Reload Gameplay: Fusing Titania with Matarukaja

The Fusion Process

To fulfill Elizabeth's 62nd request, you need to present her with a Titania that possesses the Matarukaja skill. However, you don't necessarily have to fuse a Titania with the skill. Instead, you can use a Skill Card to grant the ability to your Titania. Here's how you can solve this request:

  1. Obtain a Persona with the Matarukaja skill that can eventually evolve into Titania. The easiest way to do this is by acquiring Black Frost (37), as it already possesses the Matarukaja skill by default. You can unlock Black Frost through a special fusion with King Frost, which also grants you the King and I Theurgy.

  2. Fuse Black Frost with either Dominion or Throne to create a Titania.

  3. Ensure that your Titania has the Matarukaja skill.

  4. Present your Titania to Elizabeth to complete the request.

The Benefits of Titania

Aside from fulfilling Elizabeth's request, Titania can be a valuable addition to your party. She is a strong, support-oriented Persona that can serve as an alternative to Yukari. Additionally, her resistance to Lightning damage ensures that you won't lose two support characters to a single Mazionga attack.

Obtaining Matarukaja Skill Card

If you prefer an alternative method, you can acquire a Titania and use a Matarukaja Skill Card on her. These Skill Cards can be obtained as random drops in Shuffle Time at rank nine, which is typically found in Tartarus' fourth block. If you have been exploring the mysterious tower, you may have already come across this skill card.

The Inari Shrine

The Inari Shrine is a valuable resource for obtaining Skill Cards. As you progress through Tartarus and unlock the Mayoido Antiques, you will gain access to a wide variety of useful Skill Cards. By praying at the Inari Shrine in Naganaki, you can duplicate one Skill Card of your choice once per in-game day without consuming any time. We recommend taking advantage of this before focusing on improving your Social Links or pursuing romantic interests.


Fusing a Titania with Matarukaja is an important step in Persona 3 Reload. By following the steps outlined above, you can fulfill Elizabeth's request and add a powerful support Persona to your party. Whether you choose to fuse a Titania or use a Skill Card, the choice is yours. Don't forget to make use of the Inari Shrine to duplicate Skill Cards and enhance your abilities. Good luck!

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