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Optimize Your Iron Ore Mining in WoW Classic: Best Zones and Tips

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Iron ore is a valuable mineral in WoW Classic that is widely used in Blacksmithing recipes. It is highly sought after and traded among players. If you are a miner in WoW Classic or WoW Season of Discovery, this guide will help you find the most abundant sources of Iron ore.

Optimize Your Iron Ore Mining in WoW Classic: Best Zones and Tips

Best Zones for Iron Ore

To find Iron ore, you should head to the mountainous regions of leveling zones in WoW Classic. The top three zones where Iron ore can be found are:

  1. Arathi Highlands
  2. Alterac Mountains
  3. Stranglethorn Vale

These zones are known for their large size and abundance of mountainous landscapes, making them ideal for finding Iron ore deposits.

Specific Locations

In Stranglethorn Vale, the southeast portion of the zone across from Jaguero Isle is a hotspot for Iron ore. In the Alterac Mountains, the mountain range between the ruins of Alterac and the town of Strahnbrad is the best place to find Iron deposits. Additionally, players have reported finding many Iron deposits in the Shimmering Flats subzone in the Thousand Needles.

Mining Requirements

To mine Iron ore in WoW, you need to have a Mining profession skill level of at least 125. Once you reach this skill level, you can start mining Iron deposits in the recommended zones.


If you're looking to gather Iron ore in WoW Classic, head to the mountainous regions of Arathi Highlands, Alterac Mountains, and Stranglethorn Vale. Make sure your Mining profession skill level is at least 125. Happy mining!

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