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Optimize Your Combat with the Best Shields in Enshrouded

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When playing Enshrouded, it's important to choose the right shields to enhance your effectiveness in combat and increase your character's durability. In this guide, we will explore the best shields available in Enshrouded and how to obtain them.

Optimize Your Combat with the Best Shields in Enshrouded

Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal Plane is a legendary shield that can be found while exploring the endgame regions and working on the Sun Temples. It is one of the few level-25 legendary weapons in the game and offers excellent stats, including high parry power and durability. Additionally, it provides a 10 percent Shroud Resistance, making it a standout choice.

Shield of Light

The Shield of Light is a craftable shield that is ideal for Warriors who want to defend their allies. It has a high block stat and can be crafted at your base as you level up your Blacksmith. However, it is locked to your Flame level and requires specific materials such as Bronze and Iron Bars.

Flame Shield

The Flame Shield is a looted shield that can be found while exploring the Kindlewastes. It offers a higher block stat than the Ethereal Plane but has less parry power and maximum durability. It is a great option for players who haven't crafted the Shield of Light or found the Ethereal Plane.

Valiant Shield

The Valiant Shield is another craftable shield that is suitable for mid-game use. It is a level 14 shield and can be crafted using resources available in the early game. While it is a lesser version of the Flame Shield, it provides reliable protection for Warrior characters.

Hero's Shield

The Hero's Shield is a slightly more durable version of the Valiant Shield. It requires similar materials to craft but has higher maximum durability. However, its stats are slightly lower overall, making it a slightly inferior choice compared to the Valiant Shield.

Pikemead's Bulwark

For players starting a new Enshrouded world, the Pikemead's Bulwark is an excellent early-game shield. It can be found by looting the Mistbury Catacombs and offers a significant boost of 25 to your health. While it may not be a long-term option, it provides valuable protection in the early stages of the game.

Rising Fighter's Shield

The Rising Fighter's Shield is the first shield that can be crafted with your Blacksmith. However, it has the weakest stats in every category and is not recommended for long-term use. It is advisable to wait and find one of the other shields mentioned in this list.

In conclusion, the best shields in Enshrouded include the legendary Ethereal Plane, the craftable Shield of Light, and the looted Flame Shield. Players should choose shields based on their playstyle and the resources available to them. Remember to upgrade your shields as you progress through the game to ensure maximum effectiveness in combat.

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