February 16, 2024

OpTic Gaming Lawsuit Exposes Unfair CDL Streaming Rights Deal

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OpTic Gaming's recent lawsuit against Activision has brought the Call of Duty League's streaming rights deal into question. The lawsuit alleges that the deal involved a discount on using Google Cloud for services. This ongoing legal battle, initiated by OpTic Gaming President Hector 'H3CZ' Rodriguez and CoD legend Seth 'Scump' Abner, seeks $680 million in damages for what they claim is an 'unlawful monopoly' held by Activision over the Call of Duty League.

OpTic Gaming Lawsuit Exposes Unfair CDL Streaming Rights Deal

Key Takeaways

The lawsuit highlights several key points:

  1. OpTic Gaming alleges that Activision forced them to give up 92.5% of their ownership to Envy.
  2. CDL teams were required to sign new terms protecting them from any claims made against them.
  3. H3CZ was allegedly forced to prove he had $3 million in capital to a $10 million line of credit.
  4. The controversial CDL streaming rights, which have already faced scrutiny from the community, are also targeted in the lawsuit.

Activision's Streaming Rights Deal

According to the lawsuit, Activision granted exclusive broadcasting rights to YouTube in exchange for price concessions from Google for their cloud services. During the 2023 CDL season, matches were broadcast on both Twitch and YouTube, resulting in record-breaking viewership. However, the complainants argue that it would have been more financially beneficial for the league to broadcast on multiple platforms.


The OpTic Gaming lawsuit against Activision has brought attention to the Call of Duty League's streaming rights deal. The key takeaways from the lawsuit shed light on alleged unfair practices and restrictions imposed on CDL teams. Additionally, the lawsuit questions the financial benefits of the exclusive streaming rights deal with YouTube. As this legal battle unfolds, all eyes will be on the Call of Duty League matches, with the hope of a fair resolution and a more inclusive streaming approach in the future.

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