February 14, 2024

Obtaining and Equipping Tier Gear in World of Warcraft Classic

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In the second phase of the Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic, players can now obtain tier gear. Tier gear is class or armor type-specific gear that provides additional bonuses when equipped in sets of two or four pieces from the same tier set. These bonuses vary depending on the player's role, such as healer, caster DPS, melee DPS, or tank.

Obtaining and Equipping Tier Gear in World of Warcraft Classic

Obtaining Tier Gear

The primary way to obtain tier gear is by defeating raid bosses. Currently, the available raids in the Season of Discovery are Blackfathom Deeps and Gnomeregan. However, more raids will be introduced in future phases.

  • Blackfathom Deeps: Tier gear can only be obtained by killing bosses in this raid.
  • Gnomeregan: Tier gear can be obtained from both bosses and tokens.

When collecting tier gear from these raids, it is recommended to acquire all three pieces to unlock the full potential of your class. However, if you come across an Epic-quality gear piece that is clearly an upgrade, don't hesitate to replace a tier gear piece.

Obtaining Tier Tokens

In Gnomeregan, players can also obtain tier tokens by defeating bosses and looting token items. These tokens are slot-specific, but all classes can roll on them. Once you have a token, you can exchange it for a piece of gear of your choice at a vendor.

The tier tokens available in Gnomeregan are:

  • Power Depleted Chest
  • Power Depleted Legs
  • Power Depleted Boots

Where to Exchange Tier Tokens

To exchange tier tokens for gear, players can speak to Ziri "The Wrench" Littlesprocket, a female gnome located in The Clean Zone of Gnomeregan. Ziri can be found by heading to the right from the entrance, entering the second room on the left, and following the path.

Remember, obtaining and equipping tier gear can greatly enhance your character's abilities and effectiveness in combat. So, make sure to take advantage of the opportunities provided in the Season of Discovery and gear up with tier gear!

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