March 17, 2022

New Training Tool Released for Valorant

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Fans of esports betting sites will often play the games that they place wagers on. Doing so allows them to better understand what to look for in a potential champion. A good example of this is the free-to-play first-person shooter Valorant. The site, EsportRanker, contains plenty of information on this title, as well as other esports titles. Since it was released by Riot Games in 2019, Valorant has been embraced by the online esports betting community.

New Training Tool Released for Valorant

The concept for Valorant was inspired by CS: GO. Therefore the two tactical shooters share many similarities. This includes the types of professional teams that take part in high-stakes tournaments. The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is a relatively new competition. The plan is for it to take place annually and consists of three different levels. The regionals decide who will make it into the Masters. There are several stages to the Masters, and only the very best players will qualify for the Champions level.

In 2021 the final was hosted by Berlin on December 12th. The team Gambit Esports was narrowly defeated by Acend. This made them the world's first Valorant esport champions. Since the VCT is so new, it may seem difficult for Valorant betting fans to predict potential winners. However, if punters take the time to research the best teams, this task will be much easier.

Reliving Iconic Moments

The best way to analyze pro players is by watching their most memorable matches. This has been made easier by the Aim Lab, the official training partner for the VCT. It is available to download from Steam. With Aim Lab, players can practice their Valorant skills and check out their play stats.

Seven new tasks have recently been released. They are based on iconic moments from the last 2021 Valorant Champions Tour. Amateur players get to see how well they stack up compared to the pros. These tasks also aid people when it comes to Valorant betting online. They showcase which champions have the chance of doing well in next year's tournament. Consequently, Aim Lab users might be able to better predict who to place a wager on.

A New Perspective

Esport betting and spectatorship are very different from actual participation. It is easy to underappreciate the sheer pressure that pro players are under. The new release on Aim Lab gives the general public a new perspective by putting them in the champions' shoes. Seven particularly pulse-pounding moments have been chosen. There is also an exclusive rhythm-based task available. It utilizes the official anthem of the VCT, "Die For You" by Grabbitz.

The main appeal of the new release for esports betting fans is the fact it will introduce them to some of the strongest contenders out there. They can step into the shoes of the player Lakai during their 1v2 clutch on Ascent. On the Icebox map, Hiko manages to take on three enemies successfully. This map is also where TenZ showcased their flawless technique at taking down foes. In another Aim Lab moment, Asuna quickly dispatches five rivals on the Bind map. There is also an epic 1v4 moment from Derke to experience. The pro players Heat and Deffo both pull off daring feats during Ace matches.

All of these moments combined will teach online betting aficionados what to look for in a champion. In Valorant, it is not just the overall score that matters. Achieving the unexpected in a fast-paced and exciting way is also important.

A New Kind of Gambler

The emergence of esports has changed the betting industry in a number of ways. A new generation of gamblers has been created. These people will have been young enough to play video games at an early age. They, therefore, have a valuable level of expertise that will help guide them to make a winning wager. Sometimes esports betting tips can be gleamed from experience.

It is common for traditional sports punters to simply watch matches. Doing so gives them an idea of which players to look out for. However, the medium of video games is more unique. Practically anyone can play Valoran. Even if they are not very skilled, the experience still gives them insight into pro players. Hopefully, this will provide them with an edge when it comes to making a bet.

How Useful Is the New Release?

If gamblers are trying to analyze the pros and cons of betting on a particular player, then the new release from Aim Lab will have a limited amount of usefulness. This is due to the fact that it only shows glimpses of their skills. Instead, it is better for punters to watch an entire match. Doing so will help them to get a much more detailed overview of each individual champion.

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