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Maximize Your Persona 3 Reload Gameplay with Susano-o: A Powerful Physical Attacker

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Susano-o is one of the best Personas you can obtain in Persona 3 Reload. He is the reward for maxing out the Fool Social Link and reaching level 77. Susano-o is a powerful Persona with high Strength attributes and a variety of physical damage skills.

Maximize Your Persona 3 Reload Gameplay with Susano-o: A Powerful Physical Attacker

Requirements to Fuse Susano-o

To fuse Susano-o, you will need the following Personas:

  • Take-Minakata (Hanged, level 20)
  • Take-Mikazuchi (Emperor, level 23)
  • Okuninushi (Temperance, level 44)
  • Shiki-Ouji (Chariot, level 49)
  • Kikuri-Hime (Priestess, level 63)

All of these Personas can be found in Shuffle Time as you progress through the game. Kikuri-Hime is available in the final block.

In addition to the Personas, you must also have a rank 10 Fool Social Link. This Social Link will progress automatically alongside the story.

How to Fuse Susano-o

Once you meet all the requirements, you can fuse Susano-o using the five Personas listed above. Make sure to pass on any desired abilities during the fusion process.

Is Susano-o Good?

Susano-o is a strong Persona with a good skill set. He learns seven skills naturally, including Brave Blade, Vorpal Blade, Charge, Auto Mataru, High Counter, Slash Amp, and Repel Light. However, he is weak to Light and Shock, so you may need to use skill slots to offset these weaknesses. Overall, Susano-o is a great addition to your Persona lineup if you want a powerful physical attacker.

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