February 16, 2024

Mastering the Anti-Material Rifle: A Game-Changing Support Weapon in Helldivers 2

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The Anti-Material Rifle is a powerful support weapon in Helldivers 2 that can be obtained early in the game. With a cost of 5000 Requisitions and unlockable at level two, this rifle excels in long-range battles.

Mastering the Anti-Material Rifle: A Game-Changing Support Weapon in Helldivers 2

Aiming and Taking Down Enemies

To make the most of the Anti-Material Rifle, use first-person mode (R3 on PS5 and scroll wheel on PC) to aim precisely at your targets. Take your time and utilize the rifle's entry damage to bring down the largest Terminid or Automaton in a group.

Shattering Armor and Vulnerability

Unlike other support weapons, the Anti-Material Rifle allows you to aim directly at enemy armor to shatter it, leaving the enemy vulnerable to subsequent attacks. This is particularly effective against full-armor enemies like the Brood Commander and the Berserker. It usually takes only two to three rifle bullets to bring down even the toughest foes.

Targeting Weak Spots

While aiming at the armor, be sure to pinpoint the enemy's weak spots for a quick and clean kill. For Terminid, aim for flesh or muscle, while for Automaton, look for glowing red marks. By targeting these weak spots, you conserve ammo and swiftly eliminate enemies, allowing you to focus on the remaining forces.

Range and Versatility

The Anti-Material Rifle is best used from a distance, but it is not limited by range. It can also be utilized as a close-range shotgun, packing a serious punch. Simply point it towards the armored enemy and shoot.

Collaterals and Third-Person Mode

The Anti-Material Rifle has the ability to pierce multiple enemies in a single file line. This means that it can take out anything between you and your target, making it a great choice for third-person mode. Keep in mind that collaterals are possible, providing an opportunity to take down multiple enemies at once.

Remember, the Anti-Material Rifle is a valuable support weapon that can be a game-changer in battles against the Terminid and Automatons. Master its usage and make the most of its power to ensure victory.

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