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Mastering Stratagems: Enhance Your Success in Helldivers 2

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In Helldivers 2, the use of Stratagems is crucial for success during missions. Stratagems are powerful devices or upgrades that can be called upon to provide offensive, defensive, support, or special capabilities. This guide will explain how to use Stratagems and provide a list of all available Stratagem Codes.

Mastering Stratagems: Enhance Your Success in Helldivers 2

How to Use Stratagems

To use a Stratagem in Helldivers 2, players must enter the corresponding Stratagem Code using the D-pad. Each Stratagem has a unique code sequence that must be input correctly for activation. For example, to call in a Strafing Run, the code sequence is Right, Right, Up.

Players can upgrade their Stratagems between missions to improve their effectiveness. Upgrades can include reduced cooldown times, increased damage, and faster activation.

Available Stratagem Categories

Stratagems in Helldivers 2 are categorized into four types: Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Special. Each category serves a different purpose and provides unique capabilities.

  • Offensive Stratagems: These Stratagems provide powerful offensive capabilities such as airstrikes, missile barrages, and laser strikes.

  • Defensive Stratagems: These Stratagems offer defensive capabilities to protect the player and their team, including turrets, barriers, and mines.

  • Support Stratagems: Support Stratagems provide assistance to the player and their team, such as supply drops, exosuits, and jump packs.

  • Special Stratagems: Special Stratagems offer unique and specialized capabilities, including avenger weapons, demolishers, and shield generators.

Unlocking and Bringing Stratagems

Not all Stratagems are available at the beginning of the game. Players unlock more Stratagems as they rank up. Players can bring up to four Stratagems with them on a mission, along with any bonus Stratagems issued by Helldiver Command for specific missions.


Stratagems are a vital tool for success in Helldivers 2. By mastering the use of Stratagems and choosing the right ones for each mission, players can greatly enhance their chances of victory. Upgrade your Stratagems, unlock new ones, and bring the right combination of Stratagems to overcome any challenge you face.

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