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Mastering Shellac Acquisition in Skull and Bones: Pillaging, Trading, and Navigating the Open Seas

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Skull and Bones is a game set in the expansive Indian Ocean, offering players the opportunity to explore the coast of Africa to the Indies and collect valuable loot. One important resource in the game is Shellac, which is used for trading and ship making.

Mastering Shellac Acquisition in Skull and Bones: Pillaging, Trading, and Navigating the Open Seas

The Importance of Ships

In Skull and Bones, ships play a crucial role as both a mode of transportation and a means of defense. Shellac is a key material in crafting recipes, particularly for the Bombardier and Hullbreaker ship blueprints.

Where to Find Shellac

To find Shellac in Skull and Bones, players need to travel east of the Open Seas to the Straight of Harimau. This region, located on the far eastern side of the map, is also home to the pirate haven Telok Penjarah.

Navigating the Open Seas

Before reaching the Straight of Harimau, players must cross the treacherous Open Seas. This area is filled with high-level enemies, dangerous storms, and rogue waves that can capsize your ship. It is essential to be prepared for these challenges.

Pillaging for Shellac

Once in the Straight of Harimau, the best way to obtain Shellac is by pillaging nearby villages. The Kencur Lumberyard is a reliable source of Shellac and is controlled by the Dominion of Rempah. Other villages under their control may also drop Shellac, along with other valuable items like Bronze Ingots.

To start a pillage, ride alongside your chosen coastal target and select the "Pillage" option. Destroy the town's watch tower and ensure there are no intervening ships in the area. Once your progress bar is full, you can collect your loot and make your escape.

Trading for Shellac

Alternatively, players can try to purchase Shellac from village traders. However, there is no guarantee that these traders will have the resource in stock.


In Skull and Bones, Shellac is a valuable resource for trading and ship making. By traveling to the Straight of Harimau and pillaging villages like the Kencur Lumberyard, players can acquire Shellac and other valuable items. Remember to be cautious when navigating the Open Seas and always be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

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