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Master the High Seas: Ship Upgrades and Weapon Blueprints in Skull and Bones

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In the game Skull and Bones, upgrading your ship is crucial for success. By improving your ship's weapons, armor, and customization options, you can rise to the top of the food chain.

Master the High Seas: Ship Upgrades and Weapon Blueprints in Skull and Bones

Ship Weapon Categories

There are four categories of ship weapons in Skull and Bones: Deck, Top Deck, Auxiliary, and Bow. Each category offers different strategic advantages.

  • Deck Weapons: These weapons are located on the main deck of your ship and can be customized to suit your playstyle.
  • Top Deck Weapons: These weapons are positioned on the upper deck and provide additional firepower.
  • Auxiliary Weapons: These weapons offer support and utility functions to enhance your ship's capabilities.
  • Bow Weapons: These weapons are mounted on the bow of your ship and are ideal for long-range attacks.

Importance of Ship Upgrades

To succeed in Skull and Bones, it is vital to upgrade your ship. Upgrading your ship's weapons and obtaining the best Ship Blueprints will give you a stronger base and increase your chances of victory.

Obtaining Ship Weapon Blueprints

There are numerous weapon blueprints available in Skull and Bones. To acquire these blueprints, you can purchase them from various merchants and traders throughout the game world. The Blacksmith, Fara Merchant, and Corrupt Compagnie Officer are some of the key NPCs who offer weapon blueprints.

Versatility and Specialization

To maximize your effectiveness in different scenarios, it is recommended to use different weapons for different parts of your ship's deck. This allows for a more versatile strategy and enables you to adapt to various challenges. Additionally, you can equip multiple ships with different specialties, such as PvP combat, plundering, and exploration.


In Skull and Bones, upgrading your ship and obtaining the best Ship Weapon blueprints are essential for success. By customizing your ship's weapons, strengthening its armor, and exploring different strategies, you can dominate the high seas and become the ultimate pirate.

Note: This article will be updated as more Ship Weapon blueprints are discovered.

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