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How to Fix a Reverse in Persona 3 Reload and Repair Relationships

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If you're playing Persona 3 Reload and find yourself in a situation where your Social Link with a character has been reversed, don't worry. There are ways to repair the relationship and get things back on track.

How to Fix a Reverse in Persona 3 Reload and Repair Relationships

What is a Reverse in Persona 3 Reload and What Causes It?

A reverse in Persona 3 Reload refers to the situation where your Social Link progression with a character is negatively affected. This can happen if you upset the character after choosing the Romance path. When a reverse occurs, the character's card will be upside down and red.

There are several actions that can cause a reverse, such as getting caught cheating, using the wrong dialogue options, or breaking a promise.

How to Fix a Reverse in Persona 3 Reload

The best way to fix a reverse is by using the Rewind feature. In the System menu, you'll find an option that allows you to go back to an earlier period in the game, before the events that led to the reverse. By going back in time, you can avoid making the same mistakes and prevent another reverse from happening.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to repair the relationship without relying on the Rewind feature:

  1. Go to the usual spot of the reversed character.
  2. Talk to them and apologize for your previous actions.
  3. Repeat this process three times on separate days.

After successfully apologizing three times, the character's card should return to normal. However, you'll still need to wait another day before you can hang out with them again.

While some players may consider praying for forgiveness at the Shrine as a method to fix a reverse, it is not recommended due to the time it takes.

Remember, repairing a reversed Social Link is important for maintaining healthy relationships in Persona 3 Reload. Take the necessary steps to fix any reverses and continue building strong connections with the characters in the game.

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