November 10, 2023

Guild Esports Launches State-of-the-Art Sim Racing Facility to Encourage Next Generation of Competitive Racing Talent

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Guild Esports, the London-based esports organization part-owned by David Beckham, has launched a new sim driving facility at its HQ in London to find, train, and encourage the next generation of competitive racing talent in the U.K. and beyond–both in gaming and real life.

Guild Esports Launches State-of-the-Art Sim Racing Facility to Encourage Next Generation of Competitive Racing Talent

State-of-the-Art Sim Racing Facility

The Sky Guild Gaming Centre in Shoreditch, which opened its doors in 2022, now houses six state-of-the-art sim racing rigs. This facility will serve as the training facility for Guild’s competitive sim racing team and academy drivers. It will also act as a community space for aspiring challengers to enter the esports industry, which Guild believes has a notoriously high barrier to entry.

Membership Program

Guild will operate a membership program for prospective racers, who can pay a monthly fee of £59.99 ($73) to access the sim racing setup. The membership includes two monthly sessions and access to all telemetric data to demonstrate areas of improvement. This program aims to provide a path to pro for individuals from underprivileged and diverse backgrounds.

Success in Sim Racing

Guild Esports entered sim racing in 2023 and has already found success. Remy Gilbert, a member of Guild's sim racing team, currently sits in the top five of the FIA-backed British Formula 4 Esports Championship.

Encouraging Diversity

Jasmine Skee, the CEO of Guild Esports, stated that encouraging diversity at all levels of the esports industry is a cornerstone of the organization's mission. The opening of the sim racing facility is seen as another step towards that goal. The facility provides an opportunity for individuals who are unable to afford a personal sim racing rig to enter the world of sim racing and Formula 1.

Try Sim Racing at the Facility

If you're in or around London and want to try sim racing at the new facility, you can register your interest in Guild Esports' program here.

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